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I met a lady and she has opened my eyes to a new world. Her name is not important right now, her story is amazing. She shared with me an emotional story of hurt, pain, suffering and abuse. But that is not the story that opened my eyes it’s the story that came after that. As a child she group up exposed to substance abuse, sexual, physical and verbal abuse. She was not able to fully enjoy the things as a child should because she was forced to face the reality of the circumstances that her parents had placed her in. With little knowledge of what she could really be, she fell into the cycle: “Now even though I knew I wanted to be different than my parents, I found MYSELF falling into the very same cycle of drug addiction when I turned 18. From that point on MY life and everything spiraled downhill.” She shared.

It spiraled to it’s lowest point when she decided that life was no longer worth living and she tried to kill her self, but as you know when you are called for a purpose God will see fit to make sure that you serve it. So after 12 long years of substance abuse pain and suffering a transformation began.

Now this is the story that I was talking about, Johnetta Webb now Minister J. (keeping it real) Webb began to transform into the creature that she was created to be. She was restored through focusing her life on Christ and the purpose that she was called to serve. She transformed from the victim to the victor. She did not stop at that because when you are called you have to walk in your calling. How could she do this, was my thought and she said “God saved my life and that is what opened my eyes; it seemed like for the very first time I began to feel life was indeed worth living and I began to seek God in a way like never before. I began to go to church and really dive into the Word of God and little by little those issues that stemmed from childhood, I began to break down.”

Minister J. Webb life is purposed for helping others. Through a ministry God's Helping Hands Ministry, created by Minister Webb and her husband Minister George Webb, they are touching lives everyday.

Minister J. Webb currently launched an online ministry for addicts and alcoholics to seek support and help in their journey to break free from the addiction. Hope and Deliverance Ministry is a place where you can go and get support from someone who knows where you’ve been and can share an emotional story to show you that it’s not too late. The ministry is open to those in need and those who want to inspire and empower those seeking help.

I encourage you to look at the site and see the mighty work she is doing. If you know somone who is seeking or needs help in this area share this site with them. It is so great that a woman of God has made herself so transparent in order to help others. Thank God for testimonies such as this.

Coach Richetta Blackmon

Empowering Women: “One Lady at a Time”

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