Building Relationships-Stop Using People!

Why have some of us Christians, become so shallow? Why do we not seek to build relationships with each other? Why do we only contact people when we have something that we want to promote or build? Whatever happened to the genuine desire to meet someone in order to be a blessing to them and to build relationships?

Now, I know that all Christians are not like this. Also, I know that I have been guilty of behaving the same way when I was zealous, self-seeking and immature. Now, it concerns me that some in the body of Christ are not uniting in the ministry of Jesus Christ. Instead, we seek to grow our own ministries by hoping to get on a speaker's circuit or meet the "right" people that can open doors for us. We want to collect friends for our pages and not build relationships. This is a sad state of affairs.

In the book of Acts, they had all things common. Their fellowship was not simply coming together just to see who can cater to their own interest. The love of God was shed abroad in their hearts which caused them to give and build. They wanted to know each other and serve each other. They became such a chummy group that the Lord had to send some encouragement for them to in order to fulfill His command of taking the gospel out to other regions.

Currently, we have access to more technology than any other generation. How are we using it? Do we simply use it to network with the sole purpose of growing our ministries or businesses? Do we use this technology only to secure a date, potential mate or (in some cases) a legal playmate?

Building relationships takes an investment of time, a commitment of the soul and God's love in our hearts. There must be a desire to meet people for other reasons than to use them. In building relationships, we must have the same heart of love that our Lord Jesus Christ displayed. Our motives must be pure. Sacrifice is essential. We must not simply see people as a commodity to be used for our benefits. We must see opportunities to build relationships with other believers so that we can function as a body.

I am willing to share my time, talents and treasures with those who are interested in functioning as the body of Christ. I am committed to building relationships with those who do not seek to exploit, use or manipulate me. I am eager to get to know the hearts of people and to share my heart.

Anyway, these are my thoughts on the matter. What are yours?

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