Building Your Life & Service Upon Unshakable Truth

Shalom Dominion Believers,
I send choice greetings to you on this glorious morning, another day and opportunity to establish and expand Christ-dimensional reigning government with global impact.

So many times, we approach our days with the mindset it’s just another day and we disregard the great privilege we have been granted to share the light, love and display effectiveness in activating the law of God in creative ways. Today, as our loving Father position you to share the ministry of Jesus, get involved with His divine missions in the earth – lets be a people who invade the global communities of the earth with unshakable truths that will cause the radiance of His divine power, purpose and provision bring the explosive results He willed and designed for a righteous man’s life.

Let’s be those witnesses that carry our Shepherd’s heart to our Gentile brethren’s and as well those in the house of Yisr’el who don’t understand the authenticity of the power of truth that has word-integrity and word-based directives wrap around it. I strong believe the power of truth is not just in what a man says, its greatest value is located in what a man do. Psalms 86:11 put it in this illumination, “Teach me thy way, O Lord; I will walk in thy truth: unite my heart to fear thy name”. In this present day, we are witness a host of believers, aiming to get on the platform of navigating others on the sphere of kingdom advancing, however they have not be impregnated with the realities and revelation of divine truth that has been birthed the womb of God. Its imperative we must understand shipwreck leaders can only nurture its offspring’s to reign and release the shipwreck structure they have carry in their polluted, diluted womb.
Several years, I meet a kingdom builder who was so confused with Godhead truths concerning His fivefold kingdom frontiers and this unlearned apostle told me – God had a special set of precepts and laws designed only for her – what a pissing on way of thinking; of course I aimed to bring some word-based insight to correct her deluded thinking. The point I am making, this generation MUST get to the holy fountain where Jehovah’s life, light and love is flowing and drink and eat from that pure reservoir of real life, real love and where revelatory truths is departed that has the seal of God engrafted upon it.

Real truth produces liberation, unity and it will challenge the advancement of the law of religiosity and open the doors to freedom from its enslavement process. Daniel 3 gives us a powerful illustration of a great and unshakable commitment to God to reside in the sphere of uncompromised truths regardless what the cost may be. Shadrach, Meshach and Abednego were not going to allow the sound of terrorism move them from their place of destiny; they were determined to fulfill the mandate Adonai purpose them to advance in Babylon. They experience a cost of opposition; the anticipated the overturning grace of God to manifest, and it did birthed God’s dunamis force. It ignited a dominion tsunami affect that birth a nation paradigm shift. Its important that we understand our steadfast commitment open to heaven to come and invade hearts and transform lives; and on the other hand one’s lack of commitment to God and His truth advance can be very costly to others as well as that one who display a heart being timid.

We can be assured when divine truth invade a man’s life there will be an eternal shift that will cause that man to experience life in such a way God’s GPS is activate and navigated him or her to a much higher sphere of living.
On Friday morning or whatever time of the day you are reading this devotion design to empower, equip and encourage you to stay in track with your commitment with God and then He will stay on track with His commitment with you. Examine the areas of your life and serve that you have possess resources and information that was designed to derail and thwart you from receive an inheritance that has the marks of God’s goodness and open the doors to eternal rewards. Remember the power of life is in your hands. Its your serve, the next move is up to YOU!

Live your best life, and enjoy the life you have pre-ordained, pre-designed and predestinated to experience while on your earth journey. Have a glorious, and shalom Sabbath weekend!!!

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