The topic above l have been dealing with and apparently, my mind can not go out of it rather, from page to page of the Bible, one finds out many men that fought and won battle. One of such persons, l found was Joshua.

The book of Joshua is a classic example with this embedded word "HELPS".

Yesterday, The world HELPS spoke volume to my heart which l called five [5] letter word
H means Humility; E means Effort; L means Learning; P means Positive and S means Sacrifice.

Joshua possessed these five [5] letter word.

I speak to someone this day with reference to Joshua 14:6-12 >< Joshua said that at 40 years, Moses sent him and others out. He returned with positive answer with Caleb. He said 45 years later, he is still as strong, powerful, intelligent, an achiever and richer as he was 45 years back and could still do those things he did 45 years back.

On this premise, l stand to say to someone in this month of August that you are going to start doing things that you have not been able to do for sometime now in Jesus name amen.

Hold very firmly to the word HELPS.

God bless us all in Jesus most powerful name amen.

Much of love,
Prophetess Barr. Sally Tobias Innocent,
Fresh Oil Int'l Pente'l Deliverance Ministry,
Founder/General Secretary,
African Centre for Israel,
Prophetess Sally Tobias Innocent


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