Matt 9:12-13;

If you have a friend or family member who is sick, please read this.

If they have been playing church, playing God and calling themselves a christian, God wants you to know that He has them right where He wants them. The play time is over and it's time to take their life serious.

They will not be totally healed unless they decide to change. God already knows what's going to happen if He heals them. Their going to devote time to Him for a little while and live their own lives like God hasn't did anything. God is calling them to repentance, and if on their sick bed is where change, REAL CHANGE, has to take place, then that's where God is going to deal with their hardened and rebellious heart.

They may have some past hurts and dissappointments they are holding captive on the inside and their sickness is the manifestation of what they haven't released or let go of yet. God wants that junk out of them. He wants you to know that you might relate or identify with their pain, but avoid siding with them. They have their own side to choose. They can either release their hurts and pains and allow their healing to be released, or hold the people in unforgiveness and events in their past that brought the pains and hurts captive and stay captive to the sickness that has them in the condition their in. This goes for all ages. God didn't put the sickness on them, they've brought the sickness on themselves.

This word was for whomever it was for. Please submit to God and get your heart right. You still got work on this earth to do.

Ja$on Michael $mith - The M.A.S.S. Minista

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