Today is July 21, 2009 at 1:16am

The words God spoke into my life is “Can I stand the pain”

Romans 12:1-3

God is calling for a renewed spirit, a complete spirit within him. A spirit that is acceptable unto God to receive the spirit of God. What is acceptable unto God and who is able to receive of his spirit? Is my life acceptable unto God, am I living the life he desires for me to live? Researching my life I realize we can do many things without thinking which can cause us to error in Christ. God spoke to me just on the other day and he asked me a question “Can I stand the pain.” Can you stand being lied on, talked about, rejected, misused, slandered, or let down without retaliating. The simplest trial maybe our greatest trial, “Can I stand the pain.” God wants to transform us into his righteousness, putting off the old man to put on the new man, for there must be a change in our lives.

Am I one who God can depend on to take his people to the next dimension in Christ? Can I give what is needed to give to the people at the hour God makes me his mouth piece? Again, “Can I stand the pain.” When I know I am being lied on, will I do likewise or will I take a stand for truth. “Can I stand the pain” When I know I am being talked about, will I talk about them. “Can I stand the pain” When I am rejected, will I reject them who are rejecting me. “Can I stand the pain” When I am being misused, will I misuse someone else. “Can I stand the pain” When I am being slandered by man, will I slander others “Can I stand the pain” When I am let down, will I allow myself to let down others. I must be resurrected by the word of God by the renewing of my mind to live a holy life before my king.

Remembering who I am is very important. Who do you resemble in your spirit? Do you resemble Christ? Can you say within yourself, “Can I stand the pain.” Through all the things Jesus Christ went through he stayed humble and prayed for strength to pass the test which was before him. We are no longer our own but we are bought with a price, and the one who bought us through his blood now lives on the inside of us to give us power over all. Father you have given me all of these and can’t no-one pluck them out of my hands, for he lost none but the son of perdition. And the question still remains, “Can I stand the pain.”

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