I have been in a blogging mood this past couple of weeks. Here is what's on my mind today. I know that it is second nature for man to want to communicate with women. Hey, I do the same thing. I haven't seen a picture of a man and said, "I'd like to talk to talk to him". Do we need to have man to man talks? There are so many things confronting our communities that we need as many forums as we can get. What about Christian men? Are we learning how to walk with God and present ourselves worthy to our families and our communities? Can we find this information in isolated meditation? Do we need to participate in some discussion with our Pastors, Deacons, Prayer Partners and other men who live by Christian principles. When I was living completely in the world I had no problem asking my drinking buddies for advice. I could run some of my domestic stuff by the people who had no domestic life of their own. Kind of like the blind asking the stupid for advice. I haven't run the streets for quite some time, but I find very little support in the churches for men who want to change their lives. Maybe once or twice a year there will be a Mens Day or Conference. The day to day questions not only go unanswered, but they go unasked. Like "Tears In A Chokehold", men have been conditioned to tough it out. It takes humility to turn to one another and say "Brother what do you think I should do about this or that?" There is risk taking in this, but when I weigh the whole question, the only risk is that of embarrassment. "What if they laugh at me?", but the price we pay is the collective disintegration of our families. Can a group of ex-cons get together and talk about the hardships they endure when released from prison? Can the ones who have been out for a while assist them with information and encouragement? Can a man who has only known how to use and dog women discuss with other men how to start and maintain a healthy relationship? These are things that I believe God can provide the answers to. Let us go to Him in Prayer. Father, God we have been cut off from You for so long that we don't know the way back. Please help us, Lord to find a way to You through each other. How can we learn the Word without a preacher, teacher or someone to convey Your Word. Open our hearts & minds to receive Your Divine instruction. Please, Lord tear away the false ideas of masculinity that tell us we don't need each other. Lord fill us with the recognition of the need to reach out to each other. Help us to assemble in our houses of worship to fill these needs. Help us, Lord to be doers and not just hearers of the Word, and Lord let the understanding readers pass this along so that we may seek Godly council from one another. And help to turn to the Word for guidance and not fall for the gimmicks of satan. We ask these and all things in Jesus' name. Amen

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