OK can we start out by understanding that their really has to be a consorted effort to quit the non-sense and manipulation that we have been subjected to on the on-line social as well as marketing network. I mean I'm coming to understand that the number one ,primary reason people are drawn to the internet is to socialize with one another, where else is it possible to strike up a meaningful and lasting relationship and never physically ever come in contact with that individual, remarkable right and that is the true beauty and essence of the internet. This revelation has been more evident to me in recent day's.

You see it was 4 years ago I came on line with the mindset that I would find a way to make millions of dollars and take care my family who I love dearly, build a powerful ministry and church that would truly love serving God for how He would show them how to become true givers through the principles and practical teaching of my church. Honestly I was totally naive and even more unprepared for what I experienced entering into the world of internet marketing. My first stop was this gifting program that promised me they would show me all I needed to know to build a financial empire in no time flat for the small fee 0f $499 and that was just the beginning of my troubles. Now don't get me wrong ,my purpose for this blog is not to bash anyone for how you do you business just reminding you that their are victims being left on the side of the road while you may be laughing all the way to the bank .

In a real world friendship and comrodery actually means something and I'm coming to understand that is initially what the social networks had in mind when it was created ,but like anything else when man get their hand on things they change the agenda. So is it possible to get back on track or even honestly work together for he common good of things. Everyone on the internet don't carry Phd's,or geek and gurus degree's we are just plain folks trying to understand without being presented language that can't be deciphered by normal people with former educations who are barely pecking on the key's at a snails pace trying to keep up . If we take a closer look at the percentages of people who frequent the social networks their are a lot of us there ,so take it easy and make things doable for us.

I've met some wonderful,great people who love people as well as life who are preyed upon daily for lack of knowledge . Blessings come to those who really has your best interest at heart honesty and integrity will strengthen and draw a whole lot more people in to build relationships and businesses that will make better lifestyles for everyone who dares to dream. I would love to get responses from my fellow net workers be it positive or negative to see can we get a heartbeat from those who misuse their gifts and skills on the internet and leave the hopeful ,hopeless. God Bless Everybody

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Comment by Minister Tassel Daley M.Sc. DDiv on January 18, 2010 at 11:07am
That is why we should be careful of those with whom we come in contact with.
There are many scammers on the internet.

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