Hi my friend,

Something to ponder...

Thought for the day...

Love Cast out all fear.

it suffers long, and is unconditional.

Can you Love someone in faith, inspite of their imperfections and idiosyncrecies? Can you love them through their flaws / errors. Can you speak into them, bring out the best in them. Can you speak life into their dormant areas? How positive can you be in someones life? Can you make a difference? Can you make a negative situation turn positive just from your energy? Can you bless them and not curse them, by calling those things that are not as if they were? Can you love them beyond the fair weather, and love them through the storms of their life? Can you love them through their pain? And it looks like they are going in sain ?

Yes you can... with unconditional love.

Real love is genuine, honest, and meets you where you are at. It looks pass your broken fence to admire your flowers.

Do you love?

Can you love?

The Alabaster Box by Sabrina

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