Can you name 5 Black people in the Bible?

This is one of my signature questions I, randomly, ask brothers and sisters I encounter each week. I must say that I hear all of sorts of answers. The most popular response, and the most heartbreaking is, "I can't think of any Black people in the Bible." I would then ask, "Not even one Black person?" They would then sheepishly admit, "Not even one."

Sometimes I will find someone who would say, "Wasn't Jesus Black?" Ahhhh, getting a bit warmer.

Just the other day my and wife and I went shopping at a local Walmart. While leaving, I asked a young sister, the cashier on aisle 1, this question. She answered with these words, "Everybody in the Bible is Black." Oh yeah, she was singing my song. My wife and I looked at each other and couldn't help but to smile. "Finally, someone who is awake," I thought to myself. I told my young sister that she had anwered correctly.

I then asked, "If you know this, and I know this, then why isn't this truth being preached on 24 hour Satellite TV and from every pulpit in both Black and White churches?"

In her youthful wisdom she said, "Both Blacks and Whites are in denial; so they don't teach these truths to the people." She was right on point.

Too many pastors are following the status quo's version of a Bible that opens and closes with Africa and the tribes of Africa, as in the same 12 Black tribes that wrote the very Bible being preached and read from in every church and denomination across the globe. Here is a word that is faithful and true: "You cannot honor the Word without recognizing the actual people chosen to write the Word."

I am Yahshua's redeemed, Servant Emannu'el Branch--The End Time Gospel Coach;

Now I'm asking you, "Can YOU name 5 Black people in the Bible?"

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Comment by Anna on October 31, 2009 at 7:49am

I present to you the following examples of individuals who are professed to be "Blacks in the Bible".
Truthfully, we must assume that all the others in the Bible, the majority are "white" or "brown" or "yellow" and that Blacks are in the minority, a position to which I don't subscribe:

1) Hagar the Egyptian,
2) Ishmael and his Egyptian wife, and
3) Ishmael’s sons, especially Kedar
4) Joseph married an Egyptian woman, Asenath,
5 & 6) Asenath was the mother of *Ephraim and *Manasseh
7) Simeon, called Niger, the Latin term for black
8) Lucias from Cyrene,

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