We need to challenge our young people to do better than they did last year. We have to teach them that doing things half-way is not going to make it out in the "REAL WORLD". I learned from personal experience from high school through my U.S. HISTORY teacher Ms. F.E. Williams who was very hard on her students,but for good reason. She wanted us all to succeed when we left H.D.WOODSON SENIOR HIGH SCHOOL. I was a very lazy student when it came to my studies and that behavior spilled over into college and because of my lazy behavior I didn't complete college. Young people , don't make the same mistake. Every morning get up and pray and ask God to help you challenge yourself  to work hard and perform well in everything that you do. 


Young people, as you know it takes more than a high school diploma to survive in the "work world". A college education is essential . Most jobs won't hire you without some college. Plan to succeed by getting your education so you can a productive member to society. You plan to fail when you make excuses ( An explanation offered to justify) why you can't succeed. Despite my disability I'm going to doing online courses in religion. Why ? Cus I want to succeed in my ministry . Yes its going to be challenging but I know "I can do all things through Christ that strengthens me." (Phil 4:13) .

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