Come join the army, the army of intercessory

Why join the army, the army of God.

Come join the army, the army of intercessory

Why join the army

Know your weapons

Triumph, be victorious.

  • Ø Intercessors utilize every time to pray just like every soldier, they are disciplined in time management.
  • Ø Intercessors are prayer warriors who use prayer as reflection and meditation thereby refreshing themselves daily.
  • Ø Intercessors are preachers and teachers, they can teach under all circumstances. They can still be as effective as ever under some awkward and uncomfortable situations e.g. undercover evangelism, in prison and warzones, in small rooms and house cellars even in abnormal and awkward places.
  • Ø Intercessors sometimes inflict their body for someone else even in unfavourable and hostile places they still triumph.
  • The driving force behind the intercessors is enduring love and compassion
  • Ø Intercessors make proper use of multiplicity of talents and gifts in diversity because, they first instill peace of Christ
  • Intercessors utilize the power of community and communion and the diversity in a community.
  • Ø They believe in unity in diversity building teams and prayer groups accommodating mindsets, compassion and the love of Christ is essential
  • Intercessors manage the wild masses and turn them into useful instrument before God.
  • Ø They believe in the dictum that everything is a useful instrument of God; the masses, the nurtured nature, the vision and revelation of the future and talents of like music, teaching, administration, people’s management and leadership.
  • Ø Intercessors utilize the retreat strategies, periodic withdrawal from the world, and times of meditation.
  • Ø Initially, intercessors are not cared for and sometimes unappreciated, please note the greater appreciation comes from God, and HE will reward you in public.
  • Ø They share information and revelations stage by stage, thereby allowing their disciples to grow with time.
  • Ø They won’t move according to just a plan of man alone, they move according to Gods own plan. Be alert and know therefore to move with them.
  • Ø They teach but they live their teaching thereby preparing their successors in the ministries. Remember the story of Moses and his closest servant Joshua, in the book of Joshua 1:2. The Jung man was called to tame the master’s responsibilities.


"Moses My servant is dead; now therefore arise, cross this Jordan, you and all this people, to the land which I am giving to them, to the sons of Israel.”


  • Ø Joshua was not informed that he was going to be the next leader but God called him to do so but was an active servant with the master.
  • Ø Intercessors encourage growth and healthy competition between the intercessors in other to induce growth and genuine innovation in their thoughts and overall mindset change. The works and services of intercessors are confirmed and reinforce by Holy Spirit.
  • Ø Join this army of God Almighty. Start fighting with the most lethal weapons against principalities and powers. Recognize the importance and the potencies of the army of intercessory, the prayer warriors, the prayer tower, the mountains of fire, of libration because the prophesy of Obadiah says in Obadiah 1:17


  • Ø “But upon mount Zion shall be deliverance, and there shall be holiness; and the house of Jacob shall possess their possessions”


  • Ø Join this army of the Angels, the army of God on earth. The devil is afraid of this army therefore wish to disrupt its advancement into the mainstream of the people. The enemy tries to infiltrate the army by deceptions and doubt. This is one of his oldest tricks but the true servants know their master and understand His voice. When Jesus calls we answer if you join this army, you life will never be the same again; your life will never be the same again.
Apostle GOC Ogaraku

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