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Pastoral counseling (a look at the whole person)
A safe place to 'dump' what you have been carrying for years
Scripturally based counseling (Isaiah 9 verse 6 YESUHA is COUNSELLOR)
A wide variety of therapeutic methods
Comfortable atmosphere


We are a Bible Believing YESUHA (JESUS) honoring fundamental group that THE LORD has brought together in these (last – days) (CCC) Ministry International was founded in Feb 2005 in Eastern Canada.


Faith-based counseling ministries now open in Eastern Canada & the USA with plans for worldwide expansion. Page: E7 Section: Life
Committed Christian Counselling, a new evangelistic counseling ministry of the body of believers (non-denominational), has moved into North America and is now operating out of Moncton, Florida, the Philippines and South America.
The counseling is done by Robert D. Greener CCPE, N.B. Phc.A. Who is originally from Halifax, Canada and now resides in the USA.
Robert spent the majority of his working career in the International Pharmaceutical Industry working with Doctors, pharmacists, hospital staff, Government Agencies and included a 14-year stretch of the 29 years he spent in the industry, working in palliative care.
Committed Christian Counselling is entirely a faith-based ministry and therefore does not charge clients for the use of its services that it provides. If people are getting helped through (CCC) Ministry International and they would like to make a freewill offering to help to keep the ministry running that is acceptable.
Counseling is offered in the following areas: pre-marriage counseling, marriage counseling, couple counseling, individual and teenagers counseling, bereavement (death in family counseling), financial and credit counseling, family growth and enrichment counseling.

Also Committed Christian Counseling makes available to its clients a book/ cassette tape/DVD/video and audio lending library that is lent out on a no- charge basis.
Mr. Greener can be reached @ His office @ 1 - 407 - 431-2694
E-MAIL - or web-site -
MISSION STATEMENT: Many times people in the world try to find the answer to life's problems in all the wrong places. We seek to answer your questions based solely on the principles and guidelines found in the Word of God. Our Christian counseling ministry helps people who struggle with the following things:• Addiction : Marriage : Teenagers : Grief : Debt : Abuse : Divorce : Emotional Disorders : Depression : Suicide


Our Ministries give permanent Bible-based help for today's complicated situations or problems, helping people see their lives through God's eyes. We include a one-on-one appointment session, Biblical answers for the difficult situations or questions, often times we encourage a homework assignment of tapes to listen to or specific books to read. Please give us a call at (407) 431-2694 or EMAIL us @ or @


Hi Robert Thanks for calling and keeping in touch with me even though I've been a
wee bit on the putting off state. Denise really enjoyed your call and
was blessed. : D & Denise

As you know that time in my life was really low - struggling with my faith, acting like a "teenager", having trouble with my business, being all alone in this beautiful area with no family or friends, looking for employment and just trying to make sense of life.
Those were some low points in my life but the Lord still had his hand on me as he led me to seek help from you folks.
Thank you so much for opening your home to me at that time and for being friends and providing a place for tears, prayer, and some good
Food, fellowship and fun. J. W.

The attachment that you had sent to me is just beeeeautiful, Rob!!! Thank you soooo much!!! It was such a magnificent blessing to read that material!!!
L-RD Y'SHUA bless you, Rob~~~Sara

Contact me any time Robert, God bless your many wonderful works, Todd

Am praying for GREAT results from your chance to witness in the business Conference. What a chance for you!!!!! I have great confidence in you!!!!!! I am expecting new Christian brothers and sisters from your efforts - am keeping you in prayer - your safety, joy, comfort, and encouragement. It is easy, at least for me, to sometimes get discouraged at the meanness of others. Just keep God's Image of you in mind - sometimes it is hard not to react to others vision of oneself. I think you are GREAT!!!! Shirley

“Robert was always exceptionally well informed and was very time-efficient and to the point, which was extremely important for physicians.”
Dr. David A. Knickle F.R.C.S.S. PEI

Robert, you are so special in my life. I don’t know what GODS plan is for us in HIS work on the way home, but you have been special in my life from our initial contact. Your commitment in reaching out to help GODS people come together to do the work of the Ministry of CHRIST is extraordinary! I know GOD is smiling about you Robert.
Dr. Sandy Murphy PhD. International Christian Counsellor Houston Texas


To help keep the Ministry of (CCC) International operating make your cheque payable to
Mr. Robert Greener c/o (CCC) Ministry International 1310 Gerry Rd. SW Palm Bay Florida 32908


Mr. Robert D. Greener CCPE,NB.Phc.A.FLTC Director & Founder (CCC) Ministry
1310 Gerry Rd. SW Palm Bay Florida 32908 407 - 431-2694

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