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Communication Key To Suicide Intervention



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Communication is the Key to Suicide Prevention and Intervention for Military, University, Community

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….What happens when a person loses hope? What happens when there is no hope?

The results are tragic for the person, their family and all that are a part of the organization. August 28th, A University of Texas student kills himself on campus and thousands reminding Americans of Virginia Tech, the moment it happens .


…..The tragic suicide of ‘Bennisha Davis’ could have been prevented, but when I got to the family it was too late.   The Military Veteran and National Certified Counselor can only wish that more could have been done to prevent the ‘Suicide” of Chanel Blakes 14 daughter. The family of Asher Brown,

 a Hamilton Middle School student in the Cypress Fairbanks ISD told leaders about the bullying which lead to the 13 year old’s suicide on August 23rd


….This past year their were five suicides at Ft. Hood show the epidemic in the  military. September 10th was “World Suicide Prevention Day”, as US Secretaries of HHS, Army, Defense and other National Leaders announced new and increased efforts to improve the “National Strategy for Suicide Prevention” guidelines at the National Press Club. The military is losing a active duty soldier every two days according to this report.


….What is Hope? A feeling that what is wanted is likely to happen; desire accompanied by expectation. the thing that one has a hope for. Vietnam-Era Veteran, Gospel Preacher,  Gilmore states,” we are in another battle, but this time it is to win or save the minds, spirits and souls of our community”. Gilmore started the “Hope After Project”  to reach1 Million individuals, Clergy, Civic and Community stakeholders.


…..Anyone needing insight to deal with this crisis should read one of the most telling true stories  of “A True Story: Hope After Dope, From a Drug Addict To A Doctor”,

Gilmore believes the community needs to be more responsive and address these issues which impact our community, in that light he is a member of the National Coalition to Increase awareness within the community.


.... The community must be accountable for the survival of itself; there will be no resource, supportive tools or contribution that will be neglected. Leadership must be held accountable for maintaining “Hope” in our community, families must be held accountable for maintaining “Hope” in homes, each individual must be held accountable for maintaining “Hope” in themselves, institutions must be held accountable for maintaining “Hope” in their survival..


…One of the most significant aspects of the “Hope After Project” will focus on the youth and young adults, critical because they  are the future Hope for our community and future. Multi-media also will be a primary means of reaching target audiences through radio, television, internet, entertainment venues or whatever means to accomplish the end goals of the “Hope After Project”. New “My Video Talk Studio” technology will be broadcasting live training sessions for Community, Civic and Faith leaders by the end of September.. Also, a blog, Tweeter and related means of connecting to the audience will be available as well.  Currently you can reach Dr. Gilmore on Facebook, at Robert McKinley Gilmore, Sr..  The goal is to touch at least 1 Million people by giving away a free book, download and read.


….Whether hope was taken away from you through the educational system, you lost hope because of love, or there was no hope in the first place that could motivate you.

Hope is never lost, there is always some hope somewhere and you cannot ever think that hope dies. Hope can be found after the most tragic circumstances, hope can be located in the most devastating places and yes hope can be found even if you lost it. If you, your organization, your group or your community would like to know more about how to register, sign-up, future dates for training, or to be a host:


For Information, Interview, to support please  Contact:

Rev. Dr. Robert McKinley Gilmore, Sr.

(281) 546-8168 or (713)741-6642


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