Community or Culture....where is our voice!

This is that which was spoken by the prophet Joel (Acts 2:16)

Every culture has a voice those that speak out the loudest get noticed, those that sit silent and say nothing get overlooked and ignored. Cultures create communities and every community is known by its voice. We are at the point today where we can either get the world's attention or be forever overlooked and ignored. What do you say? yes that's what im asking, what do you 'say!'

The difference beween a culture and a voice is that any community can talk and hold conversation but it takes a culture to express itself as a voice. Cultures bond around a ''certain'' voice, a definite note, a distinctive ideology a defined certain doctrine. The word says that there are many voices in the world and none without significance. It also tells us that there was a 'certain' sound that came only from heaven. yes our voice can only come form one place..if it be from God

Now today there are millions of sounds online and im not sure whether I can hear that which comes from heaven anymore!

I hear strange and uncertain sounds about hell, about doctrine, about God's name, about salvation about the faith. In fact there is much uncertaintainty and when a man is uncertain he cannot be a voice let alone sound a trumpet in zion.

I hear strange and uncertain sounds from this camp and that camp, this group and that group, everyones debating and few are speaking. Everyone is asking and few are answering, everyone has a question and few have truth. Many voices, much said, few speak but where is the voice?

What stands before us is an opportunity to be a 'voice' Our community must serve a higher purpose than just to connect preachers! we can remain a community or we can be a voice. We can either enjoy making friends or we can be a voice. We can speak within or we can speak without, we can say something that's has never been said or never speak out what should be forever said. We can spake everything that other folks know or we can speak that which everyone aught to know, the choice is ours! If its a voice, it's clear, distinctive, different and certain, it's a certain sound and when you hear it spoken you know it's been said and done

With so many prophets and apostles, where are the voices which sound is the trumpet? where is Pentecost in all this? I dare say this if we re afraid of pentecost we can not use the title apostle? If we dont baptise in the name we cant say were apostolic.... Now im blowing my trumpet here!

And that's just my point, where is the man blowing his own trumpet, today many preachers, excuse me here for e a while most preachers preach someone else's message. why not blow your own trumpet? Surely prophets have trumpets wtachmen have horns to blow, apostles have sirens to sound, someone has a trumpet to blow now thats something I would love to hear. We can stay a community of believers or we can shake the world. now I can say that because I believe that!

In Acts there was a certain sound that came from heaven. Every culture has its sound in the earth today. What makes our culture different is that the sound does not originate from earth. Whats on earth cannot make this kind of sound. You know something is of God when what you hear does not originate from man! for only that which is from God can make tribes and tongues, communities and groups 'one' whether that be African or American or englishman or welshman, one sound from heaven. until we quit preaching lour denominational stuff that which is from heaven cannot be spoken or heard! thats what I want to hear.

What makes us a voice rather than a community is our sound, what we speak to generations what we say to governments what we speak to nations what we say to our familes. What do we elevate more than the words of our own mouth what do we speak more than the words of our own mind. Our voice must come forth from the spirit only then it can be said to come from above. Now more than anything I want to hear that

Preaching that does not come from the Holy Ghost is not real preaching at all
if it has its origin on earth then is not born of his spirit and does not come from above.

Unity that does not come from doctrine is not unity at all.
Unless it is Acts 238 unity and the voice of the word which is the 'apostles doctrine' then what we have here together is not unity at all, its community but its not not 'united' to God's sound. In fact our teaching is just a clanging symbol. My exhortation let's get back to the apostles doctrine to hear the original sound of Pentecost again.

There is only one sound that comes from heaven, the new birth, the sound of pentecost.
There is only One Lord, Jesus Christ.
There isonelyone faith, the apostles doctrine.
There is only one baptism, in Jesus name.
(Ephesians 4:5).

This is not denominational stuff its bible truth. and my challenge to you is this, We can stay a community or we can create a culture. Sure you think i'm crazy, dont forget you joined this group as well!

A culture has a voice it says something to the community it says we know who our God is, it says salvation is in the one God it says deliverance comes from the one Lord why it has one sound, a certain sound, a one God sound, declaring the one name, believing the one Lord, living the one faith and practicing the one baptism, I dont know about you but I want that!

It's a certain sound its a sound of drunken men its a sound of pentecost its a sound of souls coming out of the dunghill and into God's hill its sound of men coming out of hells fire and into heaven holy Ghost fire I dont know about you but I want to hear that.

I'm hearing so much but understanding so little, everyman has something to say but no one is lifting up his voice. Everyone has a message and no one has a message to get me out of the mess-age. I dont know about you but I want to hear that

When folks come to abcpreachers one thing they aught to be saying is...I like this..why isnt this, that? know you're a voice when that happens.

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