A few days ago, my spiritual father said something to me that was so enlightening. He said to me "there is one thing that satan does not have, but we do...and that is covenant." This truth seems to be sticking with me on so many levels. Covenant as we know it is a promise, or agreement between individuals. A covenant is often seen as a marriage, which is a bond between two people who are seemingly in love. Covenant can also be with a ministry you have linked up with, and joined (local church) But Satan hates it. Satan hates the fact that we have covenant relationship with God. Often our relationship with God, or our covenant is unconditional, meaning "for better or worst!" Satan since has lost that priviledge. Isaiah 14 speaks of all the "I's" that Satan declared. This understanding was not an agreement he made with God.
Be alarmed people of God, satan is after the covenant. That is why there is so much divorce in the body of Christ. Marriages are being attacked like never before, and we who are supposed to be living a life under the law and comfort of God are being deceived. i would love to hear your thoughts concerning this!! Be blessed.

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