Ro. 12:1-4
A sacrifice, living and set apart for God. Have you crossed over into the Holy of Holies? The place where Jesus is the only thing that there is, where Christ is not only preached as crucified, but where the believer himself is a living example of that sacrificial life. Crossed over to a place where you may never be sick, crippled, or diseased again; where demons cannot oppress, torment, or tempt; where material things are irrelevant because these things have nothing to do with a dead man. Moreover, where the blessings of God will be in pursuit of you, and overtake you. Jesus is the pattern. His sacrificial life must become the patterned life and His life becomes one with the believer. The Holy Spirit gave gifts and ministries as tools to equip the saints for the work of “service” to the end of becoming like Jesus. We are fast approaching the end of Gods work in the perfecting of the saints; those who are willing to go through the cross in Christ will be called the “Crucified Ones from the Holy One”. 2 Co. 3:2-3 1 Co. 2:2
Liberty according to: Ep. 4:13 Jn. 7:38 The kingdom is within them. Lu. 17:21 One with the Father. Jn. 17:21

The Holy Spirit is the anointing power of Christ’s ministry in and through His disciples. We are given the Holy Spirit mainly to give us the power of His lordship. Without the Holy Spirit we are unable to do the work of God. To be baptized in the Holy Spirit is to be utterly consumed with God in Christ—to be soaked, saturated, infiltrated, immersed with the great and glorious Holy Spirit of Almighty God. Those who are so baptized have Him as the abundance of their hearts. They hunger and thirst for more and more of Him. He is their preoccupation. They eat, drink, sleep, think Jesus. Consumed with Him! Furthermore, they are given over to that fire of the Holy Spirit which is separating them from sin, the world, the flesh, and all the domain of Satan. They are submitted to His refiner’s fire in order to gain that “holiness and sanctification without which no man shall see the Lord” He. 12:14 The Holy Spirit is given that we might be led of Him, be taught of Him, minister to Him in the high praises of God for which He is worthy—that we might worship Him in Spirit and truth, that we might have the power of His Lordship, that we might bear the fruit of the Spirit, that we might be witnesses unto Him in the uttermost parts of the earth, that we might be to the praise of His glory, and ultimately, that we might be conformed into the image of His Son, Jesus Christ. Ro. 8:19-23
Our God is a consuming fire. He. 12:29
We will become an offense to the world. Jn. 15:18-20
And suffering? Heb. 2:10 The true church—those who are true disciples—are those who bear the brand marks of Jesus servant hood. Gal. 6:17 We all need to grow up. 2 Co. 5:17 Ep. 4:15 Conformed to the image of Jesus. Ro. 8:29 Ro. 12:12 A process together with God a high calling. Phil. 3:14 We need each other, but above all we need Jesus to show us what’s right in overcoming and possessing Christ, the victors crown we all desire. God will give the desires of your heart especially when their His desires.


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