Studies show that most leaders have type A personalities. Studies also show that type A personalities are addicted to stress. A true leader would almost rather die than fail. God chooses the type A personality because they have a no quit mentality. But it is this same mentality, competiveness, a constant sense of time, pressure, impatience, hard work, ambition and aggressiveness that makes you high risk for coronary heart disease, as well as many other disorders. Put this personality in a sick body and the body will de-gene-rate. As leaders you need help to complete your God given assignment; you need people who can lift the burden and carry the load. Read Exodus 17:10-12 and ask God to give you people who have your spirit and feel your burden. Then allow those people to do all that is in their heart to help you carry out the vision and assignment that God has given you. In addition watch your diet!

  • Drink water instead of soda. Dehydration causes fatigue, confusion, dizziness and weakness. Soda is not a good source water and can deplete the body of minerals.
  • Eliminate caffeine. Many studies have shown that this addictive stimulant can help produce symptoms of anxiety, insomnia and the like. Caffeine is found in coffee, tea, chocolate, many sodas and even certain medications. Always ask your doctor about a medication before using it.
  • REDUCE YOUR PROCESSED AND REFINED FOODS INTAKE: Processed food can rob your food of nutrients and vitamins that you need to fight off stress and promote good health. Try to buy whole foods, unprocessed/refined foods and try and stay away from "instant" foods, preservatives, artificial flavors, saturated fat and MSG.
  • REDUCE YOUR SUGAR INTAKE: Too much sugar can rob our body of essential nutrients. Yet don't be so fast as to replace the sugar with artificial sweeteners, they too can cause anxiety as well as other health concerns. If you don't have diabetes try raw sugar, if you do try xylitol.

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