Have you ever been in a place where you felt like you were over looked by someone? Or misunderstood no matter what you said while conversing they would amplify a negative perception of you? As if their hammer & the chisel chipped away at your core beauty / important part of your character... leaving you dispositioned? You feel like that person finally convinced you to go out on the dance floor, their words were soft as butter, and smoothing as oil, Ps.55:21 only to find that when you turned around just when you were getting comfortable they abandoned you... Left you moving to the rythym of a duet love song all by your self!
Have you ever been in a place where you had such a high regard for someone and appeasing them was a high priority... only to find that you was not appreciated or never efficient enough for them?...your sincere efforts resulted in feelings being used, manipulated and rejected?... Then you were left with an empty, broken heart....
Delusive Diamond,
Awaken "Precious Diamond", and realize that its about who you select to commune with you in your inner courts.
God has directed his people to know one by their spirit... and not by their flesh... or you WILL get it twisted...
Also in proverbs Wisdom points us to the fruits of man... always check their fruits... this will reveal their motives early on to why they want to be close. So dont ignore this.. Thats how you got here.
Even as Jesus had 12 disciples he had 3 that he was really close with, he expressed extra intimate secrets because he knew their hearts, motives, & openess towards him. (He knew their fruits)
If the relationship is not ordained by God to be in your inner circle. ... We need to consecrate & ask him... or You will be subject to allowing infiltrators to enter into your sacred place only to Tear You Up with deception & lies designed to hinder you from your walk with Christ, because they don't really have TRUE FEELINGS & GENUINE HEART for you or your destiny with Christ.
Sometimes we fall for people for many reasons.
The reasons can be from expectations... because we see their potential is great, their witty, maybe attractive, have been faithful with previous relationship, seems sound minded, and maybe just a beautiful heart over all... but bound with unforgiveness... Then we set them up to fail us.
At times we fall short, fail to seek Gods face... to find out if you both have a destiny & purpose together.
When we do fail in this area ... and the union is not approved by God...the relationship is generated with hallucination or manipulation.
Delusive diamond is it hallucination, or manipulation? Remember your valuable... not desparate.
Blessings to you!
The Alabaster Box by Sabrina

The power of an apology... courage to change your mind, strength to stand corrected with conviction... and still be confident with oneself in the face of condemnation

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Comment by Felicia A. cureton on December 25, 2008 at 10:52pm
This was an awesome post for those who seek for relationships of the opposite sex. But what I found was something that was amazing and true concerning relationships in the church. By that I mean relationships with other members, brothers and sisters in Christ, or relationships with those in leadership positions. All that you said, also stands true for those also. The only thing I find, is that, true, it could be that we have let someone in our inner circle whom God has not ordained. But also, we may go throught those same things even when God has ordained the relationship. This relationship may have went well in the beginning, but then...it begins to seem that you are overlooked, and like you said, they seem to take everything you say and misunderstand/misinterpret it, when you mean only good. These same people can begin to act totally opposite to you than they did in the beginning. And eventually, leaving you. I have had this experience recently with someone in leadership positon, who I held high regards for. Whom I served, loved agape style, would do anything for, showed much respect. And then all of these negative things began to happen, and I just could not understand why. Little did I know, that it was all working for my good, and God had a hand in it. Before I realized that God was working, I would do everything that I could to better the situation/relationship. I began to watch my words, actions, etc., to be sure that I did nothing out of order, only to have the same negative results as before. Then eventually, they left. I could only describe the feeling as a man and a woman being involved, and one of them just leaving. It felt like a break up. It was hard, and I asked many questions, until God revealed to me that He was taking me through a transition. With them being in my life on that level, I had somehow, gotten used to doing what I do and making sure that I do it with all my heart, mind, and soul; but somewhere, I had gotten complacent. God was calling me to a higher level/dimension in Him, but I was staying right where I was, doing what I do. He caused this to happen for me to step up out of my complacency. And not only that. We have to remember that when God does things, He does it on a grand scale. It is never all about us, but for all of those involved. The other person, my leader, God had some things to work out there, and calling them too, into another level. So sometimes, we go through these type of situations because we all need the refiner's fire. When going through, those things that do not need to be in our lives, (complaceny, etc.) will be extracted. Always know that fire does not feel good and there are different types of fire. I call these situations that God has ordained, the purifying fire, so that He may get the glory. That's why James tells us to count it all joy when we fall into diver's temptations. All always remembering that to reign with Him, we must suffer with Him. Think about all that Joseph went through. He went through it for a long time being mistreated by others, being lied on, being sold, and also forgotten. But yet, it was for God's plan to provide for Israel in the time of famine. That's why we must hold on, seek the Lord to be sure that it is God, and keeping our eyes to the hills from whence our help come, knowing that all our help comes from the Lord. Now if it is not God, we need to check rather or not we have been allowing the Lord to direct our footsteps. If it is, we must put on our whole armour of God, and after having done all to stand, stand therefore in the Lord.

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