Do we expect God to be a God of convenience




When we look to God for help, why do we expect it in our time? God is not a genie and he is not our personal slave or servant we are his servants.

If we do the will of God he will bless us accordingly, God makes sure our needs are met not our wants.

I remember praying lord, I need food and that day I ate. OK it was a bologna sandwich but I had food. Prayed for a financial blessing and he made sure I got paid on time. Nothing more no less than I needed. To many that is not what the prayer was for but you know what I was able to pay my bills take care of my responsibilities without going broke and at the end of the day, I was blessed with peace of mind.

God never promised me I would be rich or live a life of luxury on earth. Jesus said in my Father's house there are many mansions. Not on earth he was not talking bout Joseph but God.


Ever notice Jesus had no home? He lived by faith, he never starved he never worried about his clothes or his wages. He taught the disciples the same pattern. To live fully by faith. WE CAN NEVER DO THIS. We have become slaves to technology. I wonder where I would be without a computer and the internet or my cell phone.

I was reading an article written by a Christian missionary group they were in Africa and this woman talked about the poverty level of the village they were in.

“They don't have running water, or food but they have cell phones and computers. .

When I think of poverty I don't thnk of folks walking around with cell phones attached to their ears or laptops, I think of starving people in weathered tents scrounging for food. Praying for solace and rain.


We don't value our lives as people did twenty years ago. Today we value things technology and we put God on a shelf until needed. When I was growing up there were two types of people those who went to church and those who didn’t. today there are a million types. You have young children saying there is no god. You have folks living in sin, and  proud of doing so.


There is more crime and pain going on today than there was 20 years ago.


Did technology give the deviant a place to breed? Or did we ignore them until now? Where did all the Pedophiles come from all of a sudden? Why do people prey on young children online did they do this before the internet? 


What did we do before technology came into our lives? TALKKKKKKKKKKKKKKKKK!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!


Today I spent the day at home and talked to no one but I communicated with the entire world. No verbal contact with anyone. Have we become a nation of nonverbal communication. To the point where we are teaching our children how to do the same thing?

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