Do You Understand Your Season of Change?

The caterpillar knows his assignment; he understands and recognizes his season of change. He does not fear or fight against it but willingly positions himself to embrace and endure the severe process of metamorphosis.

He does not despise his beginnings because he understands that the matrix of his world as a caterpillar is only a temporary form that carries his future. The ‘caterpillar’ is the larval stage of what he’s been created to be, a butterfly. He knows that beneath his uncomely exterior awaits a new birthing.

The word caterpillar is a compound word. The word cater is a verb meaning to furnish, provide, and supply. The word pillar is a noun meaning support, rock, and leader. Caterpillars do nothing but eat and nourish on plant life during this humble beginning. However, this season of its life grounding, preparing, and becoming a tower of strength and support for its next phase of life.

When you find yourself in the caterpillar stage of life, it is your job to feed on the nourishment of God’s Word so that it can sustain you during your pupa stage. When you have completed your pupa stage, you are then ready to emerge into maturity. Your life as a butterfly is to pollinate the lives of humanity through the gift of God’s love.

Tilt your heart towards the SON!

Pastor Narda Goodson
First Lady of Whitewright, Texas
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