In today’s Generations we use the word swag to express the way we dress. The meaning of Swag for my older people is to look good! Before you walk out your door your main focus is to make certain your face is wash teeth are brushed hair is comb cloths are iron. Your objective is to make sure your outer appearance is up to standard...We as young people pay more attention
To our outside appearance to the point the inner appearance don’t matter.
I’ve discovered in order for this generation to change we must change our way of think. We must hunger for a spiritual appearance. Find it in our hearts to treat people the way we want to be treated. God has set a mandate for young people to take a stand for him. Don’t compromise with religion but live life with the mindset to live holy.
Church isn’t a place for fashion. Its a place to receive spiritual gas so that we may travel the streets of sin an pollute the air with the word of God.We must move from religion to relationship.

Three things we must do to make the shift:
Develop a prayer life
Understand the power of prayer
Always seek the face of God
Proverbs 1;20
The book let us know that wisdom cries aloud but we don’t answer. Who is the we ? Young people. We think we know so much but if the truth be told we don’t know nothing. We are so quick to speak instead of opening our ears to hear what someone older than us is saying. That’s why we lack in our prayer life because we always want to run our mouth instead of letting God talk to us. Wisdom wants to embrace us as we s=embrace our brother and sister around the world, We a nation as a universe came a long way. Don’t matter the color God still cares and love each and every one of us Let develop a swag of love peace and under standing of Gods word for it will never fail us.!!!!!

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