What would you do, if Christ himself told you that every struggle that you have faced, every trial that is placed before you and every obstacle that was in your way was gone that it was over? As I sat this morning, I found these words ringing within my spirit like an alarm and they were as follows: "IT IS FINISHED." Then I begin to ask the Lord, well what is it that you mean, I know that has been said a many times before, but what is it that you truly are saying to me? The Lord began to say that when I was on the cross at Calvary, before I GAVE UP THE GHOST, I DECLARED THAT IT IS FINISHED. You NO LONGER have to worry about the things that you face just so as long as you live MY STATUES according to My Word. For if I BE THE WORD, EVERY WORD THAT PROCEEDED OUT OF MY MOUTH FROM GENESIS TO REVELATION, WILL DO WHICH I HAVE SENT IT OUT TO DO AND PREFORM IN YOUR LIFE, thus saith the LORD GOD OF HOST, MY WORDS SHALL NOT RETURN UNTO ME VOID. ACCORDING TO THE FAITH THAT IS ON THE INSIDE OF YOU I WILL DO EXCEEDINGLY ABUNDANTLY ALL AND MORE THAN YOU COULD EVER ASK OR THINK, BUT IT IS CONTINGENT UPON YOUR FAITH AND WORK, FAITH WITHOUT WORKS IS DEAD!!!!!!!!!!!!! BUT "IT IS FINISHED!"

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Comment by Rev. Samuel Tataw Abey Enow. on November 4, 2009 at 8:30pm
Woman of God, if only people could allow themselves to God unconditionally,and allow the holy spirit to use them and not them using the holy spirit.There is no doubt the world would be a better place to live in and revival would have spread all over the world.Lord Jesus raise true prophets,pastor,evangelist,teachers,apostles who hears from you and acts according to your instructions.Lord Jesus please help your church.Woman of God,stop going round and round the same mountain.It is time for you to move out and llunch into the deep.God bless you.
Samuel Tataw[pastor]

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