“Student ~OR~ Disciple”
Which one are you?

Go ye, therefore, and TEACH all nations…Matthew 28:19

The above scripture provides a Kingdom Principle and an Apostolic Mandate to make DISCIPLES and raise up Sons and Daughters. The word “TEACH”, is the Greek word, “MATHETES”, meaning a learner or a pupil.

In the book of Luke, chapter 14, Jesus declared unto the multitudes of people that followed Him, the guidelines for becoming a “DISCIPLE”. Although, Jesus had specifically chosen twelve of His own, whom later, became known as the “Apostles of the Lamb”, other “DISCIPLES” were chosen throughout the early church, trained and strengthened by the Apostles ministry.

In many of today’s popular ministries, churches, and assemblies, the term, “DISCIPLESHIP”, has been, misused, in the sense of, we are now being taught under organized theological education. Due to the lack of understanding and religious teaching, there has been an absence of the office of the Apostle in many of our, so-called, mega-churches and/or local assemblies with big numbers in membership. The offices of the Bishop, Pastor and Elder and even some fabricated titles, of such, have been esteemed as the head of the church. With this being the fact, many potential spiritual- leaders have had to substitute their “DISCIPLESHIP” for enrollment into some theological seminary and become a student of religion, rather than a Son or Daughter of Apostolic Fathering or Apostolic Ministry.

Many of the ministries that have adopted this style of teaching, although somewhat effective, will not allow their students to be confirmed and advance into their potential ministry callings, until they have completed the necessary protocol, designed under that leader and that organization.

Apostles are to be first in the church (1 Cor. 12:28) and our Chief Apostle, Jesus Christ (Eph. 2:20) has set the Apostles in the church to confirm the souls of the “DISCIPLES”(Acts 14:22).

Without the presence of true Apostolic Ministry in the church, we will continue to charge students, enrolled in seminary schools to learn the ways of church theology and religious rhetoric, rather than, infuse the citizens of The Kingdom to become “DISCIPLES”; Son’s and Daughter’s, pupils, of whom, are exhorted in the faith and trained to demonstrate The Kingdom of God (Acts 14:22) by the Apostles that God has sent to us.

This writing is in no way to discourage anyone that is attending a seminary school or taking classes to receive your degree in Theology. Yet, it is to enlighten the blinded eyes of both believer’s and leaders of any religious system that refuses to acknowledge the TRUTH, POWER and STRUCTURE of The Kingdom of God and properly equip His people for edification and the work of the ministry.

God Bless!

Apostle L.A. Hill
HIKM & Kingdom First Ministries, USA

Coming Soon!

“Qualifying Disciples” Book and Training Manual for Emerging Apostles

Listen to: Qualifying Disciples Parts 1&2 on Kingdom Voices Radio.

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