Every Job is a Self-Portrait of the Person Who Does It

Understanding the spiritual armor is a must for every believer. Learning the art of your spiritual weaponries and knowing how to use them when your path becomes vague and formless, unclear and ambiguous, will carry you through any crisis in life. From rejection, to betrayals, from abuse, to rape and fear, suicide, and abandonment, I found the formula to overcoming life's challenges by mastering and understanding my armor. Your spiritual armor is God's gift to you for fighting the GOOD fight of FAITH.

We are to walk the path the Father has designed for us with confidence, courage, and compassion. There is unequivocally nothing or no one that can stop you or the work of God in you, unless you give them permission. Don’t you know that no one can make you feel inferior without your consent? Knowing who you are and to whom you belong to is a central element to fulfilling one’s destiny.

When facing life's challenges, you must know when to take off your stilettos and know when to put on your combat boots. As you tread through the isms and schisms of life, you will find that the greaves that shield your feet will protect and keep you from becoming weak and impaired. God’s promises that His prevailing peace will empower you to maintain an inexorable march despite the enemies attempt to take you down; for HE IS the glory and lifter of your head.

Every job is a self-portrait of the person who does it. So autograph your work with excellence. Do what you are called to do, beloved, and do it well. Do it in the power and strength of the Lord; for surely, the Lord will break asunder all plans and wicked devises.

If you are facing the turbulent storms and trials of life, it is helpful to often remember that the Lord of Hosts goes before you. So when you are tested, take courage, and in adversity, don’t flinch. For God has proven to be mighty in battle, faithful, and true. Shall He not rescue, deliver, and honor those who know and call upon His name? Be at peace, stand still, and see the salvation of the Lord.

In His Image,

~Narda Goodson

Narda Goodson Ministries


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