Evils' Eyeball

Do you carefully screen what you and your children watch on television and what games are being played. Games involving sex, violence, spirits, idolatry and the like are games we want to be careful of. These things come in different forms. That is probably why some people call some television, movie, and computer action the devil's eyeball. The devil has us mesmerized with some of this action. I use the word mesmerize because it means to dominate the attention or will of a person.

I was recently watching a video testimony of an African brother who has great success in healing. He is now a Christian but was formerly a Witch Doctor in Africa. The Witch Doctor had the power to cause illness and even death. The part of his testimony that really interested me was his warning that many of the things that we watch on screen are an invitation for evil spirits to enter in. He said that occult films are an invitation for spirits to enter your life. He explained that in Africa they know the power that the spirits have and are more careful. In America we have been lulled into a false sense of security in this area. On the other hand many people do not know that danger is present when they participate in watching an occult film or playing a deceptive game. It may be hard to see the danger in Mafia games, Vampire games, or high fashion games with graphics that border on pornographic but as representatives of Christ Jesus we must watch or associations. Satan is subtle. These themes of crime, of the spirits, and sex are becoming ingrained into our society. Each of them carries a negative spirit that can influence us in negative ways.

I want to talk about these evil spirits. Let's get this out in the open. I am not afraid of what people may say about this topic. This is serious and it is real. The evil spirits are invisible and love to operate in secret. They have also been around for thousands of years perfecting their craft. They know our unwillingness to acknowledge their existence. They know our habits and the habits of our ancestors that they have studied. That is why it is easy for them to fool people when they appear as a familiar spirit. They are around paying careful attention to what you are interested in. They can influence your thoughts when you leave a door open to them. Satan and the demons also like to transform themselves into angels of light. Satan makes a dangerous thing seem to be ok but in reality it is not.

Many of us know that the Ouija boards are a huge invitation to the occult to enter your life and cause problems. I was just talking to a high school student who was on detention. He mentioned that he and his uncle had been using a Ouija board. The student said that odd things were happening in his house. He said that the blinds in his house were changing positions. The student thought that it was his deceased grandmother trying to get his attention. You and I know what it really was. It was an evil spirit. Another student was in the room. Both seemed to be a little relunctant to talk. Evil triumphs because we are afraid to talk about it. We are afraid that other people will talk about us and think that we are strange. We know about Ouija boards but let's be aware of television, movie, and computer influences.

Oh! Yes that does include games on places like Facebook and MySpace. You have to forgive me if some of you invite me to play some of these games and I ignore your invitation. Some of the games on Facebook and MySpace are loaded with violence and sex. I am not going to mention any names but I'm sure that you know what I am talking about. On one of the games which is about fashion and I noticed that a lot of men were signed on to it. Could you men be playing the fashion game? I don't think so. What I noticed about the game was that the graphics were very sexually suggestive with deep plunging v neck lines and the like. I'd like to also warn people that a little leaven spoils the whole bunch. Don't get caught up in these graphic games men. For the women I'd like to warn them that excessively playing these games can lead to idolatry. Wouldn't it be just like Satan to have us spending lots of time on games instead of kingdom interests. Anything can become an idol, even a game.

Many of these computer games have people buying points for virtual items that do not exist. They are getting you to get into contracts to purchase items and spend your money on virtually nothing but a computer picture. Think about it. That is ridiculous. There are so many needy causes that could put that money to good use if you would choose to send it to them. We must direct ourselves to worship the Father with spirit and truth and with our whole hearts, whole mind and all our strength.

We are living in the last days of this system of things my friends. Beware of Satan's deceptions. He has many. He also knows that he has a short period of time to operate. Television and computer media make it easy to influence a lot of people all at once of all ages and cultures.

Christ Jesus is coming back. Will we be ready? Let's not lose focus. Our brain is like a computer. We have to be careful what we program into it. Our bodies are the temple of the living God. Let's be careful of what comes into that temple. Let's be careful of graphic images they leave a more lasting impression.

Those that are standing need to beware that they do not fall. Let's not get caught up in traps that do not use our time effectively and do not serve the master. My prayer for us is that we do not get caught up with the things of this world. I understand the need to relax but we need to watch our media associations. We need to be careful of what media activities we get involved with. Wake up mesmerized people!

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Comment by Pastor Zeeshan Robert on November 19, 2009 at 12:22am
God bless your burden for the generations who are indulging themselves in the present media activities and making their paths thorny and muddy.
Have a nice time.

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