There comes a point in this journey call life, that the state of the human race demands a strategic change in governance from him who is sovereign. And yes I know it is troubling to say that, after all we say HE CHANGES NOT. I submit however, that the emergence of every generation brings with it a further revealing of the exceeding glory...THAT’S CHANGE...WE ARE AT SUCH MOMENT. The challenges of life and the evidence of evil seem at its highest. Naturally then, we humans will think, that surely the appropriate response must be the unleashing of an angry, wrathful God. After all his disdain for that which is unholy is expressed in so clear a term. AND YES IT IS...What if however, the model for governance in this season IS THE REVEALING OF A GOD WHO IS RICH IN EXEEDING MERCY, AND THE GENERATION THAT EMERGES BECOMES BENEFICIARY OF THAT WHICH WAS HID.DEN FROM PREVIOUS GENERATION. Such was the discovery of the Apostle Paul, one of history’s great transformers and reconciliatory. Using both governmental, ambassadorial and reconciliatory language, he spoke of a generation that will make the CROSS, NOT ONLY APPROPIATE, BUT THE ONLY REMEDY FOR EXISTING CORRUPTION... Where sin had reached its apex, GRACE DID MUCH MORE ABOUND....AT THE PLACE WHERE THE EMERGING GENERATION BECAME TRAPPED WITH NO WAY TO ESCAPE, AN APPROPIATE REMEDY WAS FOUND...CHRIST DIED FOR US… Generationnext then are the beneficiary and recipient of an exceeding mercy .GODS GOODNESS LEADING NE TO REPENTANCE IS THE NEW MODEL FOR GOVERNMENTAL AND NATIONAL TRANSFORMATION. OURS IT IS AS AMBASSADORS TO COMMUNICATE AND TO RECONCILE, WHERE THERE ARE BREACHES AND VIOLATIONS.THE FIELD IS RIPE AND AWAITS OUR RESPONSE.

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