Can someone, please, tell me how to get back up again?
Can I reach high enough to grab the Master's hand?
Is it possible for me to turn from my wicked ways?
Will I be found worthy to give God all the praise?
Can anyone tell me how to forgive myself
When I have cheated on Him who is faithful, to please somebody else?
How could I defile this vessel that He had made clean
After He had forgiven the sin, the iniquity, and the evil He had seen?
How could I open my mouth and entertain the vanity of someone's word
Once I believed the preaching and teaching that I have heard?
Why did I sit once more in the sinner's seat
After communing with the Father and kneeling at His feet?
Can you, please, instruct me how to get back up again?
Can you lead me once more to eating from His hand?
Can you, please, help me when it is me I must forgive
So that my flesh will die and my Spirit man can live?
Can you help me past the reproach brought to my Heavenly Father's name?
Can you help me to recover and never be the same?
Can you help me turn from the way I have behaved
So, that others may see me and know that I am saved?
Will you teach me once more how to bring Yahweh glory
So that my life is a witness of the Messiah's redemption story?
Can you teach me how to repent of what I have done,
In the afresh crucifixion of God's Only Begotten Son?
Can you tell me how God could possibly hear my cry?
When asked, "How could you have fallen?" I do not know the reason "Why?"
My Spirit is grieved with the desire to do the Father's will.
How can that be when I can no longer hear Him say, "Be still?"
I find myself in misery because I miss His loving touch.
How could I have left Him when I love Him so very much?
Copyright ©2010AnnBanks
A discussion concerning the destiny of a
fallen saint who dies without repentance.

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Comment by Brian Martin on January 18, 2010 at 12:06am
My Dear Sister ANN , That Was Breath Taken and Moving it let me know that GODs Work Is Not yet done . that there are alot of SOULS out There that don't know that WE SERVE a forgiving GOD All We Have To Do Is Ask And It is Forgiving .GOD Has Blessed You with many Gifts My sister And writting is one that He shine on Keep Up The Good Work .May GOD Bless You And Your Love Ones.MIn: Brian Martin
Comment by regi on January 17, 2010 at 11:45pm
Beautiful and thought provoking. What a nice blessing to end my night. Thank you for sharing part of the many gifts Father has blessed you with. Indeed, I can imagine many have or are cyring this plea, "how could I have done this thing to Him?" Blessings, Evangelist regi

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