Family Reunion- Topic: Lustful Eyes, Ears and Spirits

Please join us on Wednesday night (tonight) @ 9:30pm est for a discussion on Lustful Eyes, Ears and Spirits. The link to the website is password is FAMILY all caps.

Here are two scriptures I would like for you to read and then come out tonight and give your thoughts on the topic.
Romans. 13:13-14; Galatians. 5:15-17

In our REAL TALK session on Monday nite we were discussing SPITTING FIRE. How our mouths and the words we say to others can damage a person more than help them. In that session we began dealing with a strong demon that causes us to sometimes say things we don't mean or do mean. The strong demon that needs to be dealt with in this up coming session is LUST!!!! LUST has been ripping the church families, natural families, couples and has even cost some of us jobs, promotions, houses, land, ministries, and so forth. If we are to continue building on the solid foundation which can only be found and built in Christ Jesus then it is time for us to defeat the Giant called LUST!!

Facilitated by Pastor Ronald Brumby

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