Fear Neutralizes Love and Physical Attacks Produce Fear

Now how much fear does it take to neutralize your love? I liked an illustration somebody gave once. This person said, "You know, imagine you put all the ingredients together and baked a beautiful cake with lovely icing. It is a lovely looking cake, but in the ingredients somebody slipped in a spoon of fine sand. It was just one spoonful, and they mixed it up with the ingredients. The cake gets baked and when you cut that piece of cake you can't see the sand. It looks beautiful. You take it and you start to eat it. You have a lovely big bite and you
crunch down on it, and what happens?" Ouch, just the thought of it gives me cold shivers. Sand in your teeth! Horrible.
What are you going to do? Are you going to eat the cake? Are you going to say, "Well, I'll just ignore the sand and eat the cake?" The cake is spoiled, it is ruined. It is no good
"Are you going to say, 'Well, I'll just ignore the sand and eat the cake?' "
and of no use whatsoever. I want to tell you, it just takes a little teaspoon of sand to spoil a whole cake, and it just takes a little bit of fear to take the edge off your faith, your hope and your love. That is why Satan's first attack on you will be fear. And when he produces fear in you he will immediately interfere with the flow of the anointing that comes out of you, and he will discharge and diffuse you and you will lose your power immediately.

He will attack you physically through sickness and disease, again to produce fear. Now think about it. You are sitting there minding your own business and not interfering with anybody, and suddenly there is this pain in your chest. What is the first thing you think? "Oh, I guess I've just got a pain in my chest. Maybe it was something I ate?" Is that what you think? I tell you what is the first thing you think. "My heart! Is it my heart? Am I getting a heart attack? What is happening here? I have a pain. Somebody, please call the doctor, quick!"
Fear, fear, fear! If he can put fear into you he will destroy your faith. That is the first weapon that he is going to bring against you, and he will come with his demon forces and attack your mind. He actually does not even need to go any further than that. If he puts enough fear into you so that you lose faith, you begin to open the door through fear, and you give him licence to destroy.

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