I often here worship leaders and preachers say during services "Lord Let Your Glory Fall". This petition is made during worship where the Spirit's presence is being invoked. But we error, for God's Glory brings both blessings and judgement. Sin is judged and I'm clear that is not what the leaders are asking for in that moment. God says "My people perish for lack of knowledge" and this is so true. Our ignorance is often how the enemy blindsides us.

It's not the glory that we need but reverence for Him in his House. Without the proper reverence, this may be shocking for some especially the worship leaders, but you don't know what spirit you may have invoked and that you are now worshipping. Familiar spirits are very much aware of our desires, feelings and responses and can induce those same feelings and responses right in the House of God.

I read two books a few years ago that I think are just worth reading especially for Pastors who oversee and are accountable for the flock. Awe inspiring and insightful books both written by John Bevere. "Fear Of The Lord" and "The Bait of Satan".

Be Blessed

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