Today I watched the movie Fireproof for the second time. The first time I watched was with my husband bootleg style. Towards the end of the movie as they were going through their dialog- I was thinking. "Some people work hard at being angry". "And if you have to work hard at it, you don't need to be angry, so just stop being angry" "And there are some people who can do it naturally". "I am not the type of person to hold anger". "I am forget it and let it go", unlike my counterpart. Moreover, in this movie this couple was living in separate quarters. The Bible reads do not let the Sun go done on your wrath, forgive one another. One can be angry, He says, but don't sin in your anger, for example don't with held yourselves, love, forgiveness, or time (Ephesians 4:26). Here is another one, Jesus says we ought to forgive a person 70 times 7 a day (Matthew 18:21-22). I kept thinking to myself, "I got to be happy there is more to life than being angry and mad all the time". My thinking is I could be doing something for the Lord and my family. "And I don't want to be subjected to anger all the time by a spouse". "I like to live in peace, I got be happy". And the Lord said, "Happy is as happy does". I knew I heard that statement before, and the Lord gave me the word stupid. Therefore, I goggled that statement; you cannot expect anything except stupidity from a stupid person. Another person entered, itt means that calling a person stupid doesn't make him stupid, that we know a person by his actions. Another person gave the scripture Matthew 7:16-20.....
16Ye shall know them by their fruits. Do men gather grapes of thorns, or figs of thistles?
17Even so every good tree bringeth forth good fruit; but a corrupt tree bringeth forth evil fruit.
18A good tree cannot bring forth evil fruit, neither can a corrupt tree bring forth good fruit.
19Every tree that bringeth not forth good fruit is hewn down, and cast into the fire. 20Wherefore by their fruits ye shall know them.

But the Lord expounded in my spirit, "Your husband know you are happy by your actions, you forgive easy, you reason with him, you still act in the manner as a wife inspite of what he has said or done to you". "You don't keep up with the fighting". "You let him know that the silence is over". "You don't change with him". Moreover, God changes not He is the same today, yesterday and forever more. As I reflect back over the years we have been married now he does not come at me the same way. He tries to hide the fact he is holding anger. He knows I will call him on it, even though he thinks he is hiding it I still can feel it. What I do is talk to him, show kindness, interact with him, and I simply show love. What I am doing is drawing him out of that spirit, with praying. The Bible reads we wrestle not with flesh and blood but spiritual wickedness. So I am pulling those strongholds down. "Resist the devil and he will flee". Resist fighting and that spirit will flee in Jesus name, amen. As I meditated on the words of the Lord, Happy is as happy does. It came to mind what Paul said to the ones who were already married, and perhaps one spouse gave their heart to the Lord and the other had not. Or if someone was ignorant of the Scriptures or hard headed, a Believer marries an unbeliever. One should not be unequally yoked; one is bringing a burden upon oneself. "A house divided cannot stand". "How should two walk together unless they agree? "Two is better than one if one shall happen to fall the other will be there to pick them up". So the scripture I am talking about 1 Corinthians 7:14-17......
14 For the unbelieving husband is sanctified by the wife, and the unbelieving wife is sanctified by the husband; otherwise your children would be unclean, but now they are holy. 15 But if the unbeliever departs, let him depart; a brother or a sister is not under bondage in such cases. But God has called us to peace. 16 For how do you know, O wife, whether you will save your husband? Or how do you know, O husband, whether you will save your wife? (Live as You Are Called) 17 But as God has distributed to each one, as the Lord has called each one, so let him walk. And so I ordain in all the churches.

But look at verse 16, Believer if you think you can save the unsaved spouse by your actions, think again. But in this case these two married under a contract instead of a covenant. Marriage is a covenant according to the Eyes of the Lord. Back to the movie, the husband changed that whole situation around once he believed. When he gave his life to Christ, his eyes and heart was open then he became sincere about his emotions. And the sincerity of his emotions exude out of him so much, his wife felt it. She then too changed her mind about a divorce. And soon after she wanted what he had, which is Christ.

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