Determined to go a fishin' to bring back a bountiful catch for myself and others
For I am
A fisherman.
And others followed me
And we
Went fishing
All that night and caught -- nothing.
We returned weary and frustrated with empty nets.
This was one experience one not soon forgets.
All our labor was in vain;
And our egos were in pain,
As a call came from the shore,
"Have you any meat? So we answered with a sore,
Then the voice called, "Cast your net on the right side; there to find."
Clearly, he was speaking out of his mind,
For we
Had dredged this sea
And he
Bid us cast our nets while only a few yards from shore.
So we did to appease him, then our nets filled up with more
Than could be lifted aboard.
Then it was said to me, "It is the Lord."
For this failed adventure, was it I to blame?
I was naked and ashame.
I clothed in my fisherman's coat
And cast myself from the boat
Into the sea.
Father, forgive me.
Without your son, I accomplish naught.
But with him all the fish are caught.
And so I left every thought
Of "my success" behind,
Because there stood He in whom I'd find
All that I needed and more.
It was my Lord upon the shore.
I shall do as He commands,
For all is given into His hands.
Bountiful fish dragged in an unbroken net.
There with hot coals waiting, we were met.
(reprinted with permission from doristrueheart.blogspot.com)

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