On this blog I will be discussing the important of having a good credit report, most people do not take having a good credit history seriously, until they are denial credit or a loan on a major purchase like a new car or new home and than they are told that they need to clean up there bad credit, and how did they get this bad credit? by spending and not paying their bill and I am writing from experience, for years I through I could just use my credit cards to buy things and then when the bill was due, like a lot of people I thought that I could get away with it by ignoring it, and hope that they would just give up on trying to collect on it, but boy was I wrong, yes they would stop trying to collect, but what I didn't know was, that bill was put on my credit report and the more uncollected bills that went on my credit report the harder it was for me to get any type of credit, and if I did, I got it with a high interest rate which meant I was going to pay much more for the Item than it was worth, but today my credit has been cleaned up because I took a responsible approach to cleaning up my bad credit. and so my blogs are going to be about how I did it and information on how you can do it without paying someone hundreds of dollars to do what you can do for yourself. If that interest you please let me know. You can also order my new book "How to repair your credit legally" "what the collection agencies don't want you to know" just click on the link below.

  How to repair your credit

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