Philippians 2:13 asserts:  For God is working in you, giving you the desire to obey him and the power to do what pleases him.  (TLRB).  God is forever seeking expression through you.  God speaks to man through desire.  If you are sick, you desire health; if poor, you desire wealth; if in prison you desire freedom.  Desire is basic in life. Desire is!  It is impossible to get rid of desire.  If you are hungry, you want food; if thirsty, you want water.  Your real innermost desire is to find your true expression in life where you are doing what you love to do, Divinely happy and Divinely prospered.  You may do many things well, but there is one thing you can do better than anything---that is your true place, or true expression.  Your Higher Self (subconscious/subliminal) knows all your talents and will reveal to you the answer.  Affirm feelingly, Life Principle (God) within me reveals my true place in life and I follow the lead which comes clearly into my conscious, reasoning mind.  The lead will come to you; follow it as you desire to express yourself at your highest level and exercise your faculties at the highest degree.  Not only this, but if you did not desire, you would not make any choices.  However, you are a choosing, volitional being.  If you made no choices, you would not grow.  You would not do anything.  In everyday language, you would not exist.  If you did not desire, nothing would rouse your interest.  You would be dead to love, to peace, to laughter and to motivation.  You would shrivel up spiritually, emotionally and physically.  Actually, you would be a nonentity.  Trying to suppress or eradicate desire is a sort of spiritual suicide.  Welcome the desires for health, happiness, peace, joy and true expression.  You are here to express all the qualities, attributes and potencies of Life (God).  You are here to reveal more and more of your Divinity everyday since you are an individualization of God.  You are here to contribute to humanity, to put your shoulder to the wheel and to make the world a better place.  You are here to glorify God and enjoy Him evermore.  Furthermore, the joy is in serving; as you serve others nobly, generously and lovingly, your good will return to you a thousanfold.  You can always give a transfusion of faith and confidence to all those around you.  You can give joy and gladness and exalt the Divinity in all people everywhere.  I encourage you to contribute to the well-being and fulfillment of other people's desires and hopes.  Then you will be prospered.  I recall the old Hindu maxim:  "Help thy brother's boat across and, lo, thine own hath reached the shore."  Abundantly blessings to everyone, and warmest regards to the Community of Faith.


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Comment by stephanie moss on September 22, 2011 at 4:30pm

that is so true and beautiful!!!


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