Greetings my Brothers & Sisters of The Gospel. As I spend time at the Alter, God is constantly dealing with me about these pulpits. Be not deceived in this season. It's time to go back to the Alter; for the alter is the place where alteration takes place. Many of you have started Ministries, and are struggling. Some because God told you too, some because you're "brutish, have not sought the Lord, and therefore your ministry shall not prosper". To those who have obeyed God and started a Ministry, be encouraged, for a shifting in the land is taking place: hold on my brothers & my sisters, for God is up to something. Nine represents birth, and for those Ministries, who have been in a stillborn state, a resurrection and a New birth is coming in 2009.

It is important that the rest of this year you stay in prayer, and watch God's power. Listen to me good Men & Women of God! It's time that you "Sow into your own Ministry. Enough is enough! God said, "no longer shall you sow into the Ministries of Mega Churches! Be faithful to your own Ministry!!!" If a Church has 30,000 Members & each member gives $1.00 a Sunday, that's $30,000 a Sunday: you know good and well that these folk are giving more than $1.00 every Sunday!!! these letters that are being sent to your house or your Church, toss them in the garbage. If a Pastor has 30,000 members, and God has told them to start a Television Broadcast; it is not your job to keep their broadcast on the air and you're not on TV: If God told them to start it, then it's their member's job to fund it!!!!!!!! Why would you help fund someone's Ministry, and yours is struggling; the devil is a lie!!!!!!!!

You have been deceived and hoodwinked. Do not be in fear! You don't have to come in contact with a Mega Pastor, or kiss their tail in order for PROMOTION to come. If you never make it to THE WORD NETWORK OR TBN, promotion will still come, because promotion comes from GOD!!! You don't have to kiss nobody's behind, because elevation comes from God. "Charity begins at home and then it spreads abroad."

This Prophet ain't kissing nobody's behind. Persecute me if you want, but without persecution; there is no MINISTRY. Men & Women of God, do not walk in fear, God has no room for cowards! Preach what He said preach, prophesy what He said prophesy. If God told you to preach it and it offends somebody; understand that if your offense offends somebody to come out of darkness and walk in righteousness, then your Ministry is not in vain. FUND YOUR OWN MINISTRY! It is time to stop being cowards, call folk to the carpet, and rebuke what is not of God. Paul said, "them that sin, rebuke publically that the others may fear". It is time to confront the sin, where it is committed!

Don't you dare fund others Ministry and your Ministry is struggling! You mean to tell me that God told them that you need to sow a seed to keep their Ministry on Television, but God has not spoken to them to sow a seed unto you so that your Ministry can rise above struggling. How is it, that once upon a time their Ministries were struggling, but now that you've started a Church, they have forgotten where they come from; can't and won't help you. You better rise up, smell the coffee, and pay attention to the grocery store prizes. HELP YOURSELF IN THIS SEASON, HELP YOUR MINISTRY. I remember I had visited 2 Churches and at offering time, stood up got in line, was about to put my offering in baskets. At both of these Churches, I was standing in line, ready to walk up-front to the plate, drop my seed in the basket, and God spoke to me and said, "Sit down!!!!! This is a season where you are going to sow into YOU"!!!!! I had to obey God, come out of the line & walk back to my seat. That Pastor looked at me so strange, but baby I feared GOD and not him. If these Pastors will come out of these $2,000,000.00 homes and get into a $200,000.00 home, they will have plenty of money to fund their own Ministries & Television Broadcast.

The next letter that hits your mail box, send it back and tell them, it was said to me that you're going to sow a $10, 000 dollar seed in my Ministry: I guarantee, you won't see another letter in your box: that's how I called a preacher to the carpet when I was just 19 years old. He sent me a letter from New York, New York, and asked me to send him some money. I ask him to send me one of the 10 Cadillac's he owned: never heard from him again! They sho-nuff got the right one; because I will call these liars and spirits of filthy lucre to the carpet!


Lord, Bless those that receive this message in the name of Jesus!

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Comment by Dr. Maxcina Gadsden on July 22, 2009 at 1:30am
Amen! Amen!
Comment by Margaret L Thomas on December 28, 2008 at 6:09pm
Praise the Lord.

I will begin sowing immediately into my ministry. I have been giving out of lack and not recieving anything back.

Thank God for you Prophetess. It is now a new day for Intercessory Prayer Partners Ministry.

God bless you great woman of God.
Comment by loretta watkins on December 28, 2008 at 2:34pm
LOL! You're brilliant! Praise God! I do believe truth will always stand out from falsehood. While some of my favorite pastors preside over Mega churches, I am witnessing so many of our smaller churches being heavily impacted by our current economic crisis that we cannot ignore. I sincerely believe that we must start tending to our own backyards-------aggressively! Collectively, we must start sharing other resources to get through this drought. It's only for a season!

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