Funding Your Ministry........Based On God's Plan

TNC is a membership Community Development Foundation or CDF, which is governed by a National 60-member Board of Directors, elected by the members, with a 24 member Executive Community Committee, composed of officers, division leaders and other professionals.

Currently TNC has in excess of 1,200 members whom have already started the conversation of growing, redevelopment and education….from the cradle to the grave. Working and funding community organizations which are directly connected to low income at-risk and/or distress areas. Utilizing a professional staff and experienced volunteers, TNC presents the positive points of the National Urban and Inner City regions to business, industry and professional leaders who bring Funding, Housing and Jobs to at-risk and/or distress areas. TNC's membership assumes the leadership role in developing a 7 year strategy plan for each participating community, an annual program of work designed to enhance agricultural, business, educational, industrial, private/public partnership and support efforts such as skills and technology enhancement, improved transportation and health care.

Becoming a member is well worth the monthly investment - All memberships are based on you and/or your ministry's level of commitment. Each membership segment can be funded and utilized through-out the local church with expansion opportunities within the community or your ministry's assignment area. The (FBIP) can be granted and funded through Corporate, Government and Private donors. Individual segments or as a whole can be implemented within the current structure of the local church. Call Now (888) 808-2148 or email for further information

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