Are you operating under a generational curse or being influenced unknowingly by ancestral sins? It is now time to go deeper into our knowledge and understanding of spiritual things so that we can become true warriors not just in name but in lifestyle and practice. What do you say?

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Comment by Tyrone Douglass Brackens on January 11, 2010 at 6:00pm
The wisdom and knowledge of understanding soul ties and generational curses are the most important elements, of a person's existence. Many Chrisitians are plagued by the effects of causes from many generations ago, and really cant understand the magnitude of their actions. Getting to the root of any situation alows you to pull it up and out to kill the evolution of the problem.

Signs of curses

Disturbed Sleep
Rash of Accidents
Suicidal Thoughts
Premature Death
Hampered Breathing
Connstant Financial Woes

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