What fun it is to ride and sing on a one horse open slay.

Oh I’m sorry; it’s not Christmas time yet. When you see as much blogging going on the internet you see people who sometimes show a picture of what they want you to believe they look like.

Some like you to believe they are something they are not. It’s all in fun, and I get it. Some of the badges or icon’s I’ve seen are of animals, or famous people, places or scenery, but a Santa Claus as yet I have not seen.

When I receive emails from some of these people it seams like they wear a mask to cover what they are unwilling to share openly. It seams that if you don’t want people to know who, or what you look like that’s alright. There are plenty of stalkers out there to answer that and to show a bad hair day I also will pass on.

Those who do blog writing and email me I simply ask them to write and tell me something about themselves. Not anything real personnel, but something in general so I can attach in my mind what they have written along with the dog picture.

I like to know the person behind the Picture so to speak. So if you do email me with a Santa Clause with bright red lipstick I will probable want to know more about that.

We have a tough time these days looking at ourselves in real time as everything moves so fast. We are on the fast track continually and we sometimes forget to laugh at ourselves.

Were now told to do everything better, faster, higher, longer, and to do it better than anybody else or else! Sometimes we just need to slow down and think of something less intimidating like Christmas.

I don’t know about you but Christmas always makes me feel a little better. Thanksgiving is being at home, but Christmas is a state of well being.

Dashing through the snow on a one horse open slay…..

Jingle Bells, I’m not loosing it. Blessings Steven

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