Good God Sunday Morning –New Year 2011 Message and Prayer "Giving All Honor and Glory to God "



Giving All Honor and Glory to God

Good Morning and We Praise God for this Good God Sunday Morning –New Year 2011.I have so many things and people to thank God for. I bless God for my family and friends, leaders and fellow Christians that pour and share the Word of God on, over and in me. Praying, Teaching and Teaching more, Preaching and Preaching more; O’ Glory to Jesus! Praying Holy Ghost Prophetic Prayers evoking the Glory of God to manifest by His Divine Word in this new creature, 2 Corinthians 5:17!

This Good God Sunday Morning Message and Teaching is given by Prophet Gary Becton, a prophetic writing “Enter In 2011” and three “Power filled and Prophetic videos” by Pastor Chris Oyakhilome given to him by the Holy Spirit “ Arise and Shine” and “How to Shine” part 1 and 2 .

It is my prayer that all that read and listen will hear and receive; both men of God blessed me with their obedience to God, to deliver these messages. I pray that these divine instructions and directions will encourage you to move forward to complete the godly assignment you have been given. In the mighty name of Jesus I pray and thank God for it being done and done with excellence, acceptable to God. I pray that when obstacles come to distract, delay or destroy, you will remember and speak to the earth saying “I am -God’s child for I am born again of the incorruptible seed of the Word of God 1 Peter 1:23”. I pray that when it seems that you are backed into a corner; between a rock and a hard place; and your past tries to attack you, your voice will sing into the atmosphere “I am – Forgiven of all my sins and washed in the Blood Ephesians 1:7”. I pray that when supernatural forces of darkness mount up against you, your spirit man, wise, discerning and strong, will rise up decreeing and declaring with a voice crystal and clear, forging through the atmosphere a heavenly path to be heard in the heavenly realm “I am -the temple of the Holy Spirit 1 Corinthians 6:19”……” I Am – Accepted in the Beloved Ephesians 1:6” because God’s Word says … I am Dead to Sin - I am Set Free - I am Blessed – I am A Saint - I am the Elect of God - I am Joint heir to the throne . I pray that when this thing happens and surely as the devil is a liar and a coward and there is no truth and integrity in him, he will come to bring darkness BUT Giving All Honor and Glory to God he will not be able to overtake you because you are God- Light filled .It is my prayer that you will Shine for God; that your affirmations and movements will go on and on tearing down strongholds; building and re building; rooting up and out; and plowing and planting fields of righteousness ..Amen Giving all honor and glory to God Amen again

Your Sister Created Not to Entertain but to Enter In
Prophetess Sandra Dukes
“The Word in me is the Bara in me and the Bara in me is the God in me”
Giving All Honor and Glory to God

Giving All Honor and Glory to God

“Enter In 2011” by Prophet Gary Becton
Excerpts of “Enter In 2011”
Enter 2011 Positioning Yourself to Face Satan in the Power of The Father’s Name.
John 5:43 I am come in my Father’s name, and ye receive me not: if another shall come in his name, him you will receive.
The war has been won! Two thousand years ago Jesus faced Satan, defeated him and stripped him of his powers over us. Victory is ours!
Jesus has given us the ultimate weapon, the ultimate strategy, which is a 100 percent effective. We have THE NAME THAT IS ABOVE EVERY NAME! That name is all powerful, indestructible, and unchangeable. It CANNOT FAIL. Therefore we cannot fail. Jesus entered the arena of spiritual warfare against Satan KNOWING that he was going to win, knowing that he was going to defeat Satan, KNOWING that there was absolutely no possibility of defeat….
JESUS “MANIFESTED” GOD’S NAME during His lifetime on earth, Jesus, in the form of human flesh, MANIFESTED God’s Name to the disciples and to the world. The word “MANIFESTED” means “to reveal; to make visible; to make known.” In this verse, Jesus was not referring simply to preaching or teaching about God’s name. It is one thing for an individual to teach about a person or particular subject, but another thing altogether to demonstrate that knowledge from a firsthand experience……
Asking in the Name of Jesus is more than simply repeating the words “in the Name of Jesus.” When you know what is behind the Name, the authority that belongs to you, your legal right to use that Name, the POWER that resides in that Name…when you use it you are not praying or begging. You are invoking-putting into operation- the power to bring about what you desire. There will be no question, no doubt, that it will be done.
People of God let’s go into 2011 Asking in the Father’s Name. In doing this we can face our battles with all of HEAVEN Backing US UP!!!......
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Giving All Honor and Glory to God

Pastor Chris Oyakhilome -Arise and Shine (4).wmv

How to Shine - by Pastor Chris Oyakhilome

How to Shine by Pastor Chris Oyakhilome part 2

Praise -Empowering !
Song " This is Your Season" - Sinach

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