Greetings to every body from Mali West Africa in the name of our Lord Jesus what a great joy to revisit Mali after twelve years I left this nation where God visited my life in a way I did not see Him before going to Mali. After twelve years Mali has been developed twenty times than what it used to be.I was happy when I saw my fathers in the Lord bishop Osakue akioya and Pastor Colins Amaraiwu.Our Churches here are doing well and there are more open doors for the spread of the gospel.
When I look back to last twelve years when I left Mali and see where I am today,I fill like telling any one that thinks his or her possition today is small to keep on walking and trusting God for every great destiny will always start small.Everything that became big started small and believe this,if you can hold on to God and his promises,your story He will turn to glory,your liabilities will become great assets.The bible says in ecclesiastes 3;1 (There is a purpose and a time for all things) The purpose of the challanges you are facing now will be clear to you with time,you may ask,why all this tribulation in my life,why is all this breaking down?my answer is that all this are God's strategy of bringing you to the accomplishment of his devine purpose for your life. I believe after reading and meditating in this little massage the purpose of your calling will be made clear to you then you will deligently wait by imiteting those who through faith and patience inherited the promises.Hebrews 6:12
In the Gospel according to St John 15:16-17 it says “you did not choose me, but I choose you and appointed you that you should go and bear fruit, and that your fruit should remain, that whatever you ask the father in my name, he may give you”. “These things I command you that you love one another” Jesus made it clear to his disciples that it was him who choose them, the choice was not theirs but God’s. This statement is applicable to one and each of us who believe in God’s calling upon his or her life. None of us choose God, none of us found him as some says, he was not lost rather we did and he found us and choose us for his purpose.
God do not call people for who they are, but for who he wants them to become. God’s calling is not measured by people’s present position, social status, financial abilities, educational background, family background etc.
God do not see as man, man concludes by what the physical eyes can see, the evidences they have about your past, the acceptance of rumour they gathered about you etc.(God do not consult your past in creating your future.)
But God works based on the plans he has for your life. Jeremiah 29:11 says “ I know the thought I think towards you, says the lord, thought of good and not of evil to give you a future and hope.
Man will think evil, failure, shame, death, sickness for you but God’s thoughts are the contrary to give you a future full of testimony. (A fruitful future).
According to the gospel of Saint John 15:16-17, you are God’s choice so do not allow any one to discourage you about who you are. Not minding the state you are now, I want you to understand you are not any type of person. Your glory is in your future so don’t allow your present condition to stop you, keep on moving. If people don’t believe your calling, believe in yourself just as God do, if no one have seen or spoken good to you, after reading this message go to a mirror and begin to prophecy to your self, you are God’s choice; you will beer fruits that will remain. As I join you to declare amen to it.
God called you that you may bear fruit. Fruit is the part of a plant that contains seeds and flesh and can be eaten as food. In John 6:33-35 Jesus said “for the bread of God is he who comes down from heaven and gives life to the world. In Matthew26:26 Jesus said his body is food. It is God’s will that we should bear fruits that will bring satisfaction to hungry souls. in Genesis 1:27-28 one of God’s main purpose of creating man is that they may bear fruits, increase and multiply, as God’s choice, are you multiplying what you have in others? To multiply is to reproduce. are you bringing more souls into God’s kingdom can you say like Jesus I am food and drink that will quench people’s spiritual hunger or do you say like Gideon, I am small ,like Moses I am not eloquent, like peter I am unclean. Do you see yourself too small compare to the commission? God will never give any man a task equal to his or her strength but he will always bring us to a point where we will give up our inabilities for his ability. if you fill small, unable, foolish, I want to congratulate you, you are the one qaulify for God’s calling for God has chosen the foolish things of the world to put to shame the wise and God has chosen the weak things of the world to put to shame the things which are mighty.1corr.1;27.
God’s great calling is always from a small position.
God is saying to you, do not be afraid just trust and obey then your future will result to a great testimony.

Things calling are not for
1 - Position – Saul seek position but David, relationship with God so to effect his generation.
2 - Competition – God did not call you to compete with anybody but to be a complementation to the body.
2corr 10:12 for we dare not class ourselves or compeer with those who commend themselves but they measuring themselves by themselves and comparing themselves among themselves are not wise.
Competition brings hatred and other evil in the body. In philipians2:3 Apostle Paul said “let nothing be done through selfish ambitions or conceit, but in lowliness of mind let each esteem others better than himself.
3- Hatred – John 15:17 Jesus gave love as a commandment so if you don’t love, you are of the devil.
My prayer is that you will bring forth fruit that will bring positive effect upon your generation in Jesus name Amen.
Failure is not an event but an opinion and since your choice is to succeed,
No matter the obstacles on your way, the power of God who called you will destroy the power of the wicked and I can see you victorious in this month of June in Jesus name,Amen.

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