I am still rejoicing over how God has blessed me to become victorious from being a victim of abuse.  Though the fires of my trials was meant to destroy me, God reached out His hands and snatched me out without a burn or the smell of smoke.  He also healed me from every hidden wound and turned my sorrows into ashes.  Now I can help pulled somebody else out by reaching out through the word of God with my voice speaking to the atomosphere, that Greater Is He That Is Within Us Than He That Is In The World, and let every hurting women and teen girl know, that they can make it!  It's not my past that dictate my future, but my willingness, drive and perseverance to succeed.  It's the anointing that makes the difference and without it, I can't,we can't make it, because it destroys the YOKES, my God, I pray for a breakthrough for God's people, that the chains of bondage be broken off and that the people of God will rejoice in His Glorious works of FREEDOM in Jesus name, AMEN! We need to speak to our mountain and say be thou remove...we need to look right at the enemy and say "Satan the Lord God Rebuke YOU' many times I had to stand still and not say a word, while being cursed out and yelled at, But God spoke and said, SEE THE SALVATION OF THE LORD! and I didn't have to fight in the battle, he fought for me, He covered me, even while the tears was flowing down my face, he said "I will wipe every tear from your eyes"  I can only speak from what i know and been through to help somebody know today, He/God is fighting for you right now, and don't be afraid, for God is with you. It's in the silent time that the devil don't know what your next move is, because it's then that the Lord takes over.  I don't know who this word is for, but I fill the spirit of the Lord over me as I am trying to end this, but somebody need to hear this tonight, God did not set me free to just hold it all to myself, that is why my book is selling so fast, that's why the play aired last Saturday has been requested to show again, It's bottled up inside of me and I got to get it out.  Lift your voice and give him a praise, because praising God brings him to our rescue in the times of trouble. There were times when I was being verbally abused, that the Lord would speak and say lift up a praise, and I would think that was the crazious thing, while he is screaming and cursing me out, and slamming doors and making threats, are you seriouis Lord; But it wasn't until then when I started doing what he said to do, that it confused him and he went in his room and shut the door and went to sleep.  The tears would be flowing, I would began to speak with other tongues in my heavenly language, and God would speak in the midst of and bless me the more. God would use the foolish things of this world to confound the wise.....That's His word!  Let me hear back from you what you feel about this: You have just got a taste of  what is in my second book! 

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