Romans 12:14-21

What does it mean to live in harmony with one another? To live in harmony with one another each person must be at peace within his or herself as the definition of harmony means to be at peace, on accord or agreement.

The question now becomes, How does one obtain inner peace? To have inner peace one must have a right relationship with God, self and then others. Because peace is the absence of conflict and believers are no longer in conflict with God nor an enemy of God. When each individual comes to terms with the fact that God is our creator and sustainer, He then becomes our Savior then humanity is at peace with self and others. Being in harmony/peace with God brings the highest blessing from Him. It is noteworthy to say that God is a God of peace and not confusion.

Another school of thought on harmonious living among God’s people is that when each person has peace then this peace reverberates throughout the community thus rendering a community in harmony with one another and God. What a blessed community!

Our scripture text outlines the essence of harmonious living which answers the question am I my brother’s keeper? Yes in that all believers are to provide need when required and love and compassion always just as Christ did regardless of social status or ethnicity.

Blessings abounds man and community in harmony- live in harmony and be blessed.

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