i've come to the realization, that God only allows us to go through the situations that we go through, because He trust us. we may not understand the purpose of why and sometimes we question, but He knows that we will never give up on Him and turn our backs, like He will never give up on us. it is only because of our mustard seed of Faith that He trust us and with that He calls us, family, He calls us friend, He calls us daughter and son, prince and princess, He trust us to know that come what may and come what might the word like David that we have hid in our hearts that we might not sin against him and because our faith is tested like Job, He Trust us even if our faith had not become as permanent like Job, He is building our faith with His trust to know that we might hang on by a thread, but we refuse to put all of our weight on the rope and break it, but we give most of the slack to Him and allow Him to pull us up to safety, because we believe in Him.

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