'I remember my grandfather always would cook up a storm when he knew we were coming to visit - even if we were just passing through. (He lived in the Bronx). He would be beaming as we arrived & he most times had the table already set. I remember saying, "Grandpa, I told you not to go through all that trouble, really, a sandwich would have been fine" he would say, "What? This is nothing." Meanwhile there was everything from eggplant parm, to tripe, to escarole, to chicken parm, to fresh Italian bread from the bakery next to St. Dominic's, - all of my favorites. And he would top off the meal with a glass of his homemade wine, fresh cannoli from Conte's Bakery on Morris Park Ave. & super strong espresso with a shot of anisette. He even was prepared for the inevitable heartburn. . .that white stuff in the blue bottle - Brioschi - mix with water. Sometimes I didn't even have to ask him. . .LOL. . .he would make one for himself, & one for me. Other times when he seemed weary, I got up & did the honors. In the meantime, my grandmother would have already cleared the table & washed the dishes before I had a chance to do so. As much as I loved him, he loved us even more. We were all his favorites. . . ;-). - I can still hear his voice, "Go on eat, eat, he who hesitates is lost. . ." & he would give that big smile of his & wink at me. . . 


My grandfather is long gone. . .but I know that there is One who has the table already set, the feast already prepared, all of my favorites - but this time, no Brioschi is needed. . . The bread is the bread of life, wine is new wine, the water is living water. As much as I love Him, He loves us even more! We are all His favorites! Just know that time is getting short. . .tomorrow is not promised. . .so go on, eat, eat the Bread of Life. . . he who hesitates is lost.




"He who hesitates is lost" My grandfather not realizing the magnitude of his words, said that about everything. . .instead of telling us to "hurry up" he always said "he who hesitates is lost".  To him, his family was his life. And I was his favorite. . .just like I am certain my brothers would say the same thing, & I already know my cousins do. . .& my daughter, even my mother. . . LOL. That was Grandpa. . .everyone of us were his favorite. And he had a son, daughter, grandsons, granddaughters, even a great-granddaughter. When he finally got the one last thing he was waiting for - a great-grandson, my son, he died of heart failure & other complications two months later. He only held him once. . . Every moment counts, tomorrow is not promised. Don't wait. . .live each day to the fullest. . .your life is not complete until you know the Son!!! he who hesitates is lost. . .

~ Elena Leno, 13 October 2012

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