Hindrances To Effective Leadership - "Wisdom God Works" Series

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Over the tenure of my ministry and being Graced to endure personal experiences with various life-controlling issues, I have come to realize and understand the reasons for the various hindrances and the needless casualties that I have faced was simply out of spiritual ignorance.

So, with that said, I hope to bring to you each week or month as time allows, through my "Wisdom God Works" leadership development series, wisdom seeds for ministry enrichment. So I will begin with ONE of the greatest, deceptive, and many times rebellious spirits that hinder leaders regardless of their title or tenure in ministry.

An Unteachable Spirit:

An unteachable spirit is an unwillingness to change or refuse to accept or implement new and vital information as it is instructed for ministry and personal spiritual growth. When I was ordained as an Evangelist, I was so full of zeal and felt that I was so anointed that I began to believe that all I needed was to study the Bible and cast the devil out of everyone who I felt needed to be delivered, no matter where we were. I was a loose spiritual canon! I had a Pastor, but, I was a unruly Evangelist. I felt that there was no need to study about demons and the levels of the demonic forces; the Bible and church as usual was enough to carry on my deliverance ministry. Little did I know that for every demon that God used me to cast out, I had another chief demon released to challenge me who did not know my name!

Needless to say, the demon leaped on me and I had spiritual warfare for about a week before I could get it expelled. Why did this happen to such an anointed woman of God? Well, I was warned that I needed some deliverance ministry education, but I did not "trust' deliverance teachers because I was judgmental that they was just full of deceptive witchcraft theories. But, story in short, because of my "unteachable spirit" I lacked spiritual growth and my ministry was stagnated. Selah this! What if you had to have emergency open heart surgery, but the only doctor on staff when you arrived at the hospital had done only simple " heart stint" procedures. This doctor was very compassionate and loved his job. However, he chose not to continue his education for open heart procedures, therefore he was unfamiliar with the latest medical technology. But, he was willing to do your surgery to the best of his ability to keep you alive. What would you do? Would you trust that he will have God with him to save your life? I certainly hope NOT! If the most successful doctors today continue their education to adapt to new procedures, medicines, and technologies to keep informed, how much more we in the "spiritual realm" must do so. We must be open to be taught by seasoned and wise biblical theologians and counselors who will analyze their own procedures for excellence. This brings about spiritual growth. Growing means "change". Change is part of prospering spiritually and naturally. Mike Murdock once mentioned that he had a friend that said that there are two sources of knowledge:
(1). Wisdom= learning from mistakes of others and....(2). Experience = learning from your own mistakes. Hosea 4:6 tells us...."My People are destroyed for lack of knowledge" and Proverbs 1:5 sates...."A wise man will hear, and increase learning. Knowledge is exploding all around us. Powerful wise preachers and teachers bless us everyday in churches, on christian television broadcast, books, CD's, conferences, and workshops that are teaching us many faith principals of success for ministry, marriage, business, family, purity, and other issues to build our spiritual muscles.

If you are unhappy with yourself, you are what you decided to be! Dare to reach for new information, new teaching, new truths that will elevate you and build your relationship with God. Dare to embrace CHANGE! Recognize the reason for your spiritual drought. Repent for any sin in your life, rededicate your life to the Lord and allow His precious blood to cleanse you. He will restore you with a fresh fellowship with Him, activate the new success, and true happiness that belongs to you. You can make. Reach for more!

Be sure to stay connected for the next "Wisdom God Works" Series message.
Until the next time........Keep Him Real!

Dr. Sandy
aka- Dr. Keeping It Real!

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