Today I want to speak from my spirit man and to yours. How many need a indwelling of the Holy Spirit to come and refresh you? I know I do, and If your a child of God, you need it often. The Holy Spirit should always be evidence in our life. It is so comforting when he comes and stirs our spirit man.


How can we let him operate in our lives, by keeping our vessels clean and open for him to use us at any given time.  Just to have the breath of God fall on us is so powerful, O my God I thank you as I write now I feel your presence over shadowing me. I speak from a place of thirst. I thirst after you my Lord and Savoir come and fill this place.


All you have to do is empty yourselves before him and he will come in. He wants to walk with you and talk with you, he will heal you and set you upon a pedstal. When you think all hope is gone and people don't see you for your worth look unto him, because he is the author and the finisher of our faith.


Trust in him dear hearts, allow his love to take you to a place of rest, when you can rest in him you will not be so stress to the things and dis appointments this life brings. Will you have struggles yes but you'll be able to bear it. Just ask him to hold you in his rightouness and keep me in your will.


The Holy spirit brings gifts, you can't be afraid of it. When is it that you know he wants to use you, when your spirit is senstive to his than you will know, you will began to know things and he will share things with you, dreams and visions and give you confirmation of things to come. When his spirit dwells in you and you are taking full charge of it, it's a beautiful feeling.


I can't explain just how he makes me feel, when he's working in me, but all i know is that I want the more of him. So if you want a higher place in him and deeper dept, just open your heart and spirit to him and he will open you up like the flood gates of heaven. Just tell him, Lord come fill my place".


Evangelist Veronica Respass"

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