There seems to be so many people out there who use the ministry as a part of an elaborate scheme through which to fulfill various personal desires.. Whether it's ministry engagements, green cards, fame, relationships, and money.
It has come to my attention that perhaps my plea for financial contributions to aid me in incurring the cost of several repairs in my building and the growth of the ministry could be viewed as such.
This blog is not a rebuke nor is it a plea it is merely an acknowledgement that I have come to realize that (although we as brothers and sisters in the Lord should be able to count on one another for support in every facet when necessary and within ones means to do so) there comes a time in everyone’s walk, relationship and ministry that we must all TOTALLY lean and depend and RELY on GOD to meet our every need.
I have also come to realize that this trial I faced was bigger than the need for funds to make repairs, and that what I have often referenced in preaching has come full circle in my own life and that is… that through our trials the seeds for other levels and umbrellas of our individual ministries can be conceived.
Therefore to all of you who reached out to me during that time and made efforts to assist I sincerely thank you, to those who had intentions on helping and could not I thank GOD for the desire to help, and for those who were not impressed to offer assistance I also thank GOD for you.
I could not have come to realize that my next dimension had to come through the pains associated with this particular trial.
There is something GOD is going to do through me and for me that will be a blessing to ministries across the board (you will hear about it in coming months) and it took this (trial & test) to thrust me into this season that I now embrace.
God Bless You
Apostle Jeffrey S Jackson

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Comment by Apostle J Y Smith on June 8, 2010 at 11:00am
Apostle Jeffrey S. Jackson My sincere prayer for you as A young Man of God that you walk in GOD's Divine Order to fulfill HIS Perfect Plan in your life and ministry. I received direction by the Holy Spirit to undergird you in prayer.I can imagine to some it may seem strange. GOD will use the foolish things AMEN Shalom.
Comment by Sally Williams on February 9, 2009 at 10:00pm
AMEN!!!!!!!! Romans 8:28. There's none like JESUS!!!

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