I am in love with life. I am and forever will appreciate all that will ever happen to me. I feel this way because, if my life is a life of purpose…..and it is, then all that will ever take place in my life is predestinated by God, or at the least allowed by him.

The bible says that all things are working together for my good, and guess what? I actually believe that.

I need people, and not just some people but all people, especially those that hate me, despise me detest me etc. I know this probably makes no sense to you, but watch the spiritual principle. God said that everything in his creation was good except that the man should not be alone.
Man always need some one, something, or some environment to advance him forward.......the corporate world call it synergy. Synergy is the combine efforts of two or more things or people to produce more than they would have individually. So, in understanding that spiritual truth, I have determined that I need haters, I need back stabbers, I need folks that love me, appreciate me etc. The truth is these people have been predestine to my life for the sole purpose of advancing me forward. There are things in these folks that are essential to me, even though it may not appear so initially. An example of this is: in order to know that I have a good partner then I must have experienced a bad one.

Simply put my life is a divine setup, the only problem that I sometimes have is grasping, the fact that I have to accept these people for who they are, because it is who they are that is teaching me and preparing me for the future.

So, in essence my enemies, friends, etc. are in fact my teachers and my time with them is the class room of life that is making me a better me through these awesome experiences be it good or bad.

So once I put aside my personal views I can see clearly the purpose for them being in my life. So no matter who was, is or will be apart of my life, I thank God in advance for choosing them to advance me, and to make me better.....I NEED PEOPLE TO ASSIST ME IN MOVING FORWARD.

Kevin L A Ewing

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