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Faithful Remembrances

By LaJuana Barton and Patricia Barton “Faithful Remembrances,” as described by authors LaJuana Barton and Patricia Barton, is a “collection of poetry to heal from the inside out.” And readers won’t be disappointed because it is exactly that.


This creative daughter and mother team has compiled a collection of expressions from the perspectives of a parent, child, friend, soul mate and family member.

Clearly plenty of thought and love went into this book as the authors attempt to help others deal with their grief, and “minister to the spirit left behind after experiencing a loss.”

Having both experienced losses, Patricia and LaJuana know what it is to grieve and understand that each person has their own way of grieving.

Patricia writes of suppressing her feelings and then coming to the realization that sharing her experiences and challenges could actually help others.

For LaJuana, a journalism graduate of the University of Texas at Austin, writing was therapeutic. In the book, she recalls the deaths of several “dear” family members and the love of her life. According to Patricia’s oldest child, who admits she has a “very private soul,” writing saved her because, “id I didn‘t allow the words to ooze out, I know that I would have ceased to be.”

Initially the two did not write poems for inclusion in a book. “We realized, together, that our words were a ministry that no only healed our hearts and souls but could have a healing impact on others,” writes LaJuana.

“Faithful Remembrances” has something for everyone. Reading the words from the Bartons will surely move readers to tears, laughter, silence, and for some a smile will appear on their faces as they remember someone in their lives who evoked the same thoughts as expressed on each and every page.

“Faithful Remembrances” is the type of book that should have legs. I wouldn’t be surprised to see many of the beautifully written pieces appearing on plaques, brochures, greeting cards and more.

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